How Do I Connect a Lyric Gateway to Monitoring Service?

The Lyric Gateway will need to have an Ethernet, WIFI or Cellular connection to connect to a monitoring service.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest all in one wireless alarm and home automation system. The Gateway is manufactured with a built in WIFI communicator. In the back of the system there is an integrated Ethernet jack where a user can connect the Gateway directly to an IP network. The top of the unit opens to reveal expansion bays where a cellular communicator can be installed. The cellular communicator comes in two different brands - AT&T and Verizon. A user should select the model that corresponds to the strongest service coverage in their area as features and system operation are the same on both communicators.

A user can choose to use a single communication path to support all of the system’s communication (WIFI, Ethernet or Cellular). They can also combine Ethernet and Cellular, or WIFI and Cellular, for Dual Path communication. In this mode the system will use WIFI or Ethernet as the primary communication path. In the event this path goes down, the Gateway will automatically switch to Cellular communication. For the Gateway to be monitored, a user will need to use one of these communication paths.

The Lyric Gateway has no display of any type built into the unit. The main control panel has soft touch keys, status indicator lights, panic buttons and arming/disarming buttons. Instead, Honeywell offers the free MyHome Gateway app, available from the iOS or Android store. With this app, any smart device connected to the same network as the Lyric Gateway can be used as a touchscreen keypad. During setup, the unit can be placed into AP mode. AP mode turns on the Gateway’s internal access point and creates its own personal WIFI network. The user can then connect their smart device to the Gateway, setup the Gateway’s WIFI settings, and once connected to the customer’s WIFI network, they will be able to control the system, arm/disarm, add users, add Z-Wave devices, etc. through the app. For full instructions on setting this up, click here. If the only communication path is Cellular, the MyHome Gateway app can’t be used to interface with the Lyric Gateway.

If there is no WIFI network in the location, the user will need to connect to the Gateway directly through its access point in order to interact with the system using a graphic interface.

With the Gateway powered up and configured with one of its available communication paths (the cellular communicator needs to be installed with the system powered down - upon power up, it will automatically connect to its designated network), a user will need to contact an alarm company to connect to and configure the system. For the Gateway to be configured, it must be associated to an account, and an alarm company will need to access it from AlarmNet360.

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