How Do I Connect My August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App?

You can connect your August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App by downloading the app and following the provided instructions. Your Android or iOS device must have Bluetooth enabled, and it must be in close proximity with the lock. You will also need to create an August Account.

August smart lock pro dark gray z wave deadbolt lock 3rd generat

Complete the following steps to pair an August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App:

1. Download the app. Download the August Home App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app can be downloaded for free.

2. Enable Bluetooth. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your Android or iOS device. Please see the instruction manual for your device for more information. You should have the device in close proximity with the lock. Remember, Bluetooth signals have a very limited range.

3. Begin pairing. Open the August Home App. Choose "Set Up My First Device". Then choose "Set Up A Smart Lock". Then choose the model of smart lock you are pairing. In our example, we are using a "Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation".

You will then be taken to a screen asking you to install the smart lock. You should go through this portion to install the lock in your door. In our example, we are only focused on pairing the lock with the app. We will skip the installation process in our example.

4. Create an account. You will then be prompted to create an account. Press the Start button. Then create an account. You must provide a valid email and phone number. You will be required to confirm both the email and phone number later. Make sure they are working. Make sure the password you choose is something you can remember.

5. Add a photo. Next, you will be asked to upload a photo. This is optional. If you want a photo, you can select a photo from your gallery or take a new photo. You can also choose to Skip This Step if you would rather do it later.

6. Connect the lock. You will now pair the lock with your August account. Press the Start button on the app. You will then need to power on the lock. Take the lock and press on the August logo on the front to pop the cover. Then separate the front cover to expose the batteries. If the lock is new, simply remove the battery tab. You can also take out both batteries and reinsert them to apply power. Make sure the batteries are securely applied. Observe proper polarity.

The LED light on the lock should flash green to indicate that it has powered on and is ready to pair. If the light flashes red, you should remove the battery and try again. Once the lock is powered on, press the Pair button in the App. Once the app has successfully recognized the device, you should be taken to a screen where you can provide a name for the lock.

7. Finish the process. You can then provide a name for the lock. You can also provide a house picture during this time. This is helpful for users with multiple locations. Press Continue after you have chosen a name. The lock will install any necessary firmware during this time. Make sure you keep your Android or iOS device nearby your lock. You will then be taken to a keychain where you can control the newly paired lock.

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