How Do I Connect to an IPCAM-WO's Setup?

You can connect to the setup of an IPCAM-WO using your Total Connect account. After you have logged-in to your Total Connect account, access your cameras and locate the IPCAM-WO that you want to adjust. From there, you will be able to change any of the camera's settings as needed.

Complete the following steps in order to access and adjust the settings of your Honeywell IPCAM-WO:

1. Login to Total Connect. You can access Total Connect using a web browser or the Total Connect mobile app. You will need to login using your username and password. Your username is usually the email address associated with your Total Connect account.

2. Access your camera's settings. Select "Cameras" to see a list of every camera that is associated with your Total Connect account. If your IPCAM-WO is not listed, then it must be added to your Total Connect account. When you find your IPCAM-WO, click on it. Then click on the gear icon to access the settings for the camera.

3. Change your camera's settings. Make any changes needed to settings of the camera. You will be able to change the camera's name, recording schedules, capturing settings and more. You can also adjust the settings for the motion detection function of the camera. This includes the camera's areas of motion detection, its sensitivity level and what action to take when motion is detected.

4. Save your changes. Click "Save" when you are finished in order to save any changes you have made to the settings of the camera.

By using your Total Connect account, you can access the live video feed of your Honeywell IPCAM-WO. This can be very useful for users who want to access their camera when they are away from their home, such as while they are at work or on vacation. If you see anything important, you can save recordings and capture photos directly from the Total Connect interface.

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