How Do I Determine Which Installation Mounting Wedge to Use With the ADC-VDB770?

You can determine which installation mounting wedge to use with the ADC-VDB770 by testing each one out to see which one gives the best result. Each mounting wedge will position the doorbell camera differently and adjust its FoV. Permanently mount the wedge that gives the best result.

There are three (3) mounting wedges included with the ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera. These mounting wedges adjust the horizontal (left-right) angle of the ADC-VDB770, not the vertical (up-down) angle. The mounting wedge will not only adjust how the camera looks on the door, it will also adjust how the camera looks out. This will ultimately have a big impact on the camera's field of view (FoV). You need to determine which mounting wedge results in the most optimal FoV. You may also take into account how the mounting wedge offers the best aesthetic appearance for the camera. Unfortunately, there is no way to "preview" the camera, but you may try checking its live feed afterward to ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

Each of the three (3) mounting wedges positions the ADC-VDB770 differently. The difference is in how many degrees the camera is tilted horizontally. Mounting Wedge A tilts the camera , as it is completely flat. Mounting Wedge B tilts the camera 15° Left or Right, and it is the medium tilting option. Mounting Wedge C tilts the camera 30° Left or Right, and it offers the maximum tilt. You can try positioning the camera over each mounting wedge to see how it looks. Once you determine the best mounting wedge based on positioning, you can use that piece in the final installation. You should also check the final result once the camera is installed. Documentation included with the doorbell will give a good idea of the FoV when using each mounting wedge. The image below may provide some insight. Pay attention to how the covered area changes, particularly to the right of the doorbell:

Please note that there is also the ADC-VDBA-WMK Wedge Mounting Kit that includes four (4) additional mounting wedge options for use with the ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera. These four (4) additional wedge options are appropriately named Mounting Wedge D, Mounting Wedge E, Mounting Wedge F, and Mounting Wedge G. These options are only available if you buy the aforementioned accessory. If you do have access to these extra mounting wedges, then you can test them out just like A, B, and C that come included with the doorbell camera already. Ultimately, you will determine which one is best for the final installation and mount it permanently.

See the specs on Wedges D, E, F, and G:

  • Mounting Wedge D - Tilts the camera 45° Left or Right
  • Mounting Wedge E - Tilts the camera Downward
  • Mounting Wedge F - Tilts the camera Downward and 15° Left
  • Mounting Wedge G - Tilts the camera Downward and 15° Right

Complete the following steps to determine the best mounting wedge for the ADC-VDB770:

1. Check each wedge. You can perform a simple test to get an idea of how the camera will look when installed over each wedge. Determine the location where the camera will be installed. Place one wedge in that spot, holding it steady with your hand. Then use your other hand and place the camera on top of that mounting wedge. See what it looks like. Then repeat with the other available mounting wedges. Determine which one offers the best aesthetic appearance. Also, use the images above to get an idea of how the camera's FoV will be adjusted with Wedges A, B, and C. You should be able to determine the best one.

2. Install the camera. Once you have decided which mounting wedge offers the best aesthetic appearance and the most optimal FoV based on the guide images, you can then install the camera with that mounting wedge. Permanently mount the camera and the mounting wedge by following the instructions shown in the installation wizard or the product's installation manual. Mounting hardware for the camera comes included. You will also need to complete the pairing process through the website or mobile app. Remember which mounting wedge was used, as this question will come up as you go through the installation wizard.

3. Check the FoV. You will also likely want to see how the FoV for the camera is affected based on the mounting wedge. You can do this by viewing the live feed for the camera through Check the live feed and the camera's FoV. You may want to have a friend stand by the doorbell camera so you can see how effectively it views someone at your door. If you're satisfied with the result, then you're finished. If not, then reinstall the camera with a different mounting wedge to try and achieve a more optimal viewing experience.

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