How Do I Disarm a PROA7 or PROA7PLUS Via Total Connect?

You can disarm a PROA7 or PROA7PLUS alarm system by using Total Connect 2.0 from a mobile device or computer. First, log in to the application. From there you can disarm the alarm system by initiating a disarm command. As long as your device has internet, this works when you are home or away.

The Total Connect 2.0 application is a remote service that is available through an alarm dealer. Also known as TC2, it adds many convenience features to the alarm system. This includes real-time alerts about events happening with your system. It also provides remote access and control of your alarm system. Disarming is a key function in controlling your alarm system. Disarming can occur from somewhere other than at the main alarm panel.

It should be noted that Resideo and Honeywell Home offer several panels that are referred to as the ProSeries. These include the Honeywell Home PROA7 and PROA7PLUS, and the Resideo PROA7C and PROA7PLUSC. The Non-PLUS panels are exactly alike with the exception of the brand name listed on the front of each panel, and the PLUS panels are exactly alike with the same exception. See this FAQ for a comparison between the PLUS and Non-PLUS versions. As pertains to the process of disarming via Total Connect 2.0, these panels can be considered identical.

Contact your alarm company if you need to add this service or to explore the options in adding it to your current plan. They must enable TC2 on the PROA7 or PROA7PLUS system by enabling a TC2 account and creating valid login credentials for you to use.

The TC2 mobile app is available on iOS and Android app stores. On a computer, navigate to to log in to the website.

Follow the instructions below to disarm once you are logged into Total Connect 2.0: (Screenshots are from the website, but the apps provide a similar experience)

1. Open the TC2 App. Access the app from an iOS device, Android device, or a computer with an internet connection using If auto-login is not enabled, log in using the proper username and password. If this is your first attempt to log in, you will have received an email from your alarm monitoring company with instructions on how to proceed. If you have not received such an email, you will need to contact your monitoring company and have them provide you with the proper information.

2. Navigate to the security screen. Most devices will default to the security screen when you open the app. If not, select the security screen to access the arming and disarming options.

3. Click the disarm button. The screen will show it's armed by displaying a red shield. It will have a black "Disarm" button below the shield. Click "Disarm" and the disarm command will be sent to your panel. Sometimes it can take up to a minute for your panel to receive the command. Next, the app will display the words "Disarming" and the shield icon will show color traveling around the edge of the shield until the panel responds with its current status.

4. Verify the disarm was successful. To indicate a disarmed state, Total Connect 2.0 will now display a gray shield with a diagonal line through the center. It will have the word "Disarmed" below the icon verifying that the panel is no longer armed.

Disarming with Total Connect 2.0 can simplify disarming of the alarm system. Especially when it's not convenient to walk up to the alarm panel. Total Connect can be a useful tool in maintaining all of your security needs. This can include viewing Total Connect 2.0 cameras, and controlling Z-Wave lights, locks, and thermostats. TC2 also provides the ability to open and close garage doors, and to set up alerts to an email or phone number via text messaging, or via push notifications through the app itself.

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