How Do I Enroll a Kwikset 910 on an Interlogix Simon XT?

You can enroll a Kwikset 910 on an Interlogix Simon XT by putting the system into Z-Wave inclusion mode and activating the lock's inclusion function. The system will recognize the lock and include it into the Z-Wave network. The Simon XT must have a Z-Wave controller to support the lock.

Kwikset 910 z wave push button deadbolt lock polished brass

Before the Kwikset 910 can be added to an Interlogix Simon XT, the system will need a Z-Wave controller. The only compatible Z-Wave controller for the Simon XT is an cellular communicator with an integrated Z-Wave controller. Please note that you should program the lock before installing it.

Complete the following steps to enroll a Kwikset 910 on an Interlogix Simon XT:

1. Enter system programming. Starting from the main screen on the Simon XT, keep pressing the down arrow until you reach an option called "System Programming". Once this option is displayed, press the "OK" button. You must then provide the Installer Code for the system. The default Installer Code is 4321. Once you have entered in the code, press the "OK" button. This will take you into the System Programming menu.

2. Enter inclusion mode. Press the up arrow once on the panel to reach the option "Interactive Services", and then press the "OK" button. Press the down arrow once to reach "Z-Wave Setup", and then press the "OK" button. Press the down arrow once more to reach "Add Z-Wave Device", and then press the "OK" button. The screen will display "Press button on device to add...". This indicates that the system is in inclusion mode and ready to enroll new Z-Wave devices.

3. Enroll the lock. Bring the lock to the panel. The inclusion button for the lock is found on its back side, and it is labeled "A". Press this button, and wait for the panel to recognize the lock. It may take a few minutes for the lock to be properly recognized by the panel. You will need to bring the lock close to the panel when doing this.

Please note that you may need to exclude the lock before it can be successfully added to the network. Some locks are added to a Z-Wave network as part of factory testing. To clear the lock, put the Simon XT in its exclusion mode (at "Z-Wave Setup" press the down arrow twice. At "Remove Z-Wave device" press the "OK" button.) At "Press button to remove device..." activate the inclusion function on the lock. The panel should display when the device has been excluded from the network. After excluding the device, follow the steps above to add it to the network.

4. Exit programming and test. Once the device has been included, keep pressing the "Status" button on the alarm system until you are returned to the main screen. This will save any changes that were made. You can then install the lock into the door. You can test the lock using or an Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen Keypad. Make sure that you can successfully lock and unlock the device through the Z-Wave network. Additionally, entering in any valid system user code into the lock's keypad should successfully unlock the device.

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