How Do I Enroll A Z-WAVE Lock In An L5200 or L7000?

The Honeywell Lynx TouchL5200 and theL7000 must have the HoneywellL5100 ZWave module installed before a Z-Wave lock can be enrolled.

Z-Wave door locks are encrypted, and for security purposes, enroll at a low power transmission range, approximately 6 feet. This may require enrolling the lock before it is installed in the door.

Install batteries into the door lock before enrolling lock to the Lynx Touch L5200 or L7000 control panel.

Program the 4-digit User Code into the L5200 or the L7000. When programming user codes into the panel, determine if the user code will have access to the Z-Wave lock. If so, the user code will be transferred to the lock.

To enroll a Zwave lock in either an L5200 or L7000, press the “Automation” icon on the Home Screen.

Press Tools. The screen will advance to “Device Management”.

Select “Include Devices”. The screen will display “Entering Inclusion Mode”, Please wait.

Once the screen displays “Ready to include device”, within 1 minute of this display, press the function key on the door lock. If the lock has been successfully enrolled, the panel will display “Device Found”, please wait, then the lock information will be displayed.

Once the lock has been enrolled, a lock icon will be added to the inclusion list.

Press the “Home” icon to return to the home screen.

Door lock devices may vary, please follow the instructions provided with the specific door lock to include properly and to program a new user code.

If the door lock will be associated with a Scene, the lock’s autolock feature must be disabled.

The Lynx Touch L5200 supports up to 4 Zwave door locks and the Lynx Touch L7000 supports up to 6 Zwave door locks.

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Yes, we've seen this issue before and helped others with lock/panel code integration issues. As the L7000 LYNX Touch can support pushing user codes to Z-Wave locks, we always advise clearing out all lock codes from a Z-Wave before pairing it to a Honeywell LYNX Touch (or Lyric). Then once it's paired, you simply manage the lock codes through the panel's 'Users' section. It sounds like your user codes conflicts were causing too much information to be sent/received from the lock which drained the batteries faster than expected. Disqus no longer shows the email of a commenter so I can't search to see if you are one of our customers. If you are, please email so we can research your account to see what was done in troubleshooting before you fixed the issue. If you aren't a customer of ours, I'd suggest considering switching as we're experts on the LYNX Touch systems and have no-contract plans available online at
I solved it though I have never found any similar solutions to what I discovered. As it turned out when I installed my Kwikset 916 I followed the basic install, which included creating a Master and User code. What happened was when I went to include the Kwikset on the Honeywell L7000, there were previous users that had the same codes. You see the Kwikset I was installing was a replacement. The original lock suddenly was draining batteries in a week. When the Kwikset 916 was included there was a conflict between the same user codes in the Honeywell L7000 panel. To fix it I deleted all users in the Honeywell L7000 that was associated with the Kwikset. Then I excluded the Kwikset. Next I did a factory reset on the Kwikset. Finally I included the Kwikset again in the Honeywell L7000. At that point everything went quick, and I created some users with codes, then associated them with the Kwikset lock. Things synced quickly and I could user the user codes on the Kwikset lock, unlock the lock using the Honeywell L7000 panel or the iOS app and it was quick. Everyone pointed to how close was it, but it is frustrating this was always the big point. I think the failure is Honeywell and not providing good exception messages because they are really stupid messages and do not let you troubleshoot. It took me a lot of trail and error and research to figure this out. There was not one support person that could figure this out and in fact one person blamed it on the new Kwikset because it was Z-Wave plus and the module in the Honeywell L7000 was Z-Wave. But After contacting Honeywell tech support they said that is false, Z-Wave and Z-Wave plus are compatible. This ended up being true, so the end of the story the problem was conflicting user codes between the Kwikset lock and the Honeywell L7000.
How far is the lock from the panel when you attempt this?
I get the same issue with a Kwikset 916 Z-Wave on my Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000. Even if I exclude the lock, Include it again, it immediately finds it, but then takes some time to process and shows up under locks. However, it always says "Still not Ready <lock name>" and never changes. This is my second Kwikset 916 because I am replacing it after only 9 months because it started draining batteries so quickly they only lated 1 week. Kwikset sent me a replacement, and yet again it is such a frustrating experience trying to register it properly so it works with the Lynx Touch 7000. I am not sure who to blame, Honeywell or Kwikset.
I don't see that your email is listed with any active account we monitor so I would check with your monitoring company as they have a lot more access to try and see what signals the system is sending and help you diagnose the issue. If they aren't being helpful or finding a fix, I would suggest you consider switching to us (we offer no-contract monitoring at ) as we are experts on these systems and how they work with Z-Wave devices. I'm confident we could help you sort out the issue one way or another.
It's about 20 ft and the system is monitored. It fails after some time with or without use.
How far is the lock from the panel? Also, is the system monitored currently?
Why does my Kwikset lock keep randomly failing on my L7000? It works for a bit, then gets a failed node error.
Usually with Z-Wave locks, they don't transfer as well with a "controller shift" because they have more data/security to transfer so you may not be able to have it work well on both controllers.
Can you comment on the same issue (still not ready) if there WAS another Hub in the mix? I have same issue using SmartThings to be the first register for lights/locks and then did the learn function on the alarm panel. The lights x-ferred fine, but the door lock (Schlage Connect) is showing the still not ready message. I contacted Schlage, and they claimed it could not be paired twice, but seems like it is ALMOST there...but still missing - something. ty
Do you have any other Z-Wave hubs/controllers in the mix? Have you tried excluding and including?
How far away from the panel is the lock?
Honeywell Lynx L5200 and lock is kwikset smart code 916 It all worked perfect but I removed it from the alarm system. Now that I'm trying to add it back, it will find device and add it but it always says lock still not ready. I bought a new lock same model. Same problem! Any ideas?
What alarm system are you using and what is the model number and manufacturer's name of the lock?
Did this and it was found and is now in the list but it just keeps saying in yellow, "lock still not ready". What next?

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