How Do I Exclude My Kwikset Z-Wave Lock?

You can exclude your Kwikset Z-Wave Lock by activating the Z-Wave exclusion mode on your system and then pressing the button marked "A" found underneath the lock's cover. Doing this will clear the lock from the network. You will then be able to successfully pair the lock with a new network.

Kwikset 910 z wave push button deadbolt lock polished brass

The typical Z-Wave lock from Kwikset will have button labeled "A" that is used for both including and excluding the device from Z-Wave networks. This is usually a smaller button the is found under the lock's cover. It should not be confused with the lock's "B" button or "Program" button. It is recommended that you check the lock's manual for the button's exact location. Keep in mind that some Kwikset locks might not have this button.

Excluding a Z-Wave device is always an important step before attempting to include it. Many Z-Wave devices are paired with networks for factory testing purposes. By clearing the network first, you can be sure that the lock will successfully pair with your Z-Wave network when you go to do so. Keep in mind that a Z-Wave controller is needed to use a Kwikset Lock with an alarm system. Some panels may already have a Z-Wave controller installed, while others will need to have one added separately.

Complete the following steps to exclude a Kwikset Z-Wave Lock and then pair it with your system:

1. Access exclusion mode. If your alarm system has a Z-Wave controller, then it will have some mode for excluding Z-Wave devices. This mode is sometimes accessed by pressing a button directly on the Z-Wave controller. Or your panel may have a automation menu for doing this. You should refer to the instruction manual for your system to find out exactly how to access its Z-Wave exclusion mode.

2. Exclude the lock. When you go to exclude the lock, you should first bring the lock in close proximity to the panel or Z-Wave controller. A distance of about one foot is recommended. Take off the cover for the lock. Find the "A" button and press it. The panel or Z-Wave controller should provide some visual indication to let you know that the lock has been cleared from the network. You should refer to the lock's instruction manual if you are having trouble finding it.

3. Pair the lock. To pair the lock, you should put the panel or the Z-Wave controller into its inclusion mode. Then press the "A" button on the Kwikset Lock. You should receive some visual indication that the lock has been enrolled. You may then have to configure the settings for the lock.

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