How Do I Figure Out My Vivint Security System's Installer Code?

There is no true way to figure out your Vivint security system's installer code. This is because alarm companies often change installer codes on their panels. This prevents users from making any programming changes that might affect the function of their monitoring service.

With that being said, for those looking to change the installer code and move to a new company, there are options for taking back control of your security system without obtaining Vivint's proprietary installer code. If Vivint is still monitoring your system and you want to make a change to system programming, first, you should contact Vivint to see if they would be willing to help you get into installer programming.

Otherwise, complete the following steps to gain programming access to your panel...

1. Identify your system. Vivint installs 2GIG GC2 panels, as well as its proprietary lineup of Sky panels. If you have a GC2 system, you can replace its original Vivint cellular module with a new one and then have a new monitoring company register it with The new monitoring company will be able to provide you with the installer code for the system so that you can access its programming menu.

Generally, a Vivint-branded GC2 panel looks just like the panel shown below, only with an orange Vivint logo on the front:

If you have a Vivint Sky panel, you will need to replace the panel entirely. This is because Sky panels can only be used with the Vivint service.

2. Replace the panel or the cellular module. If you have a proprietary Vivint Sky panel, then you will need to replace it with a new system. Some great panels to choose from include the Honeywell Lyric Controller, the 2GIG GC3 and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. These panels are all non-proprietary, and they can be taken to any monitoring company that will support their service. They can also be used without monitoring if the user chooses to go that route.

Also remember that any Vivint Sky sensors, such as motion detectors and door and window contacts, will also need to be replaced. This is due to the fact that they will only work with Vivint Sky systems. However, 2GIG devices can be used with any 2GIG panel, as well as the Honeywell Lyric Controller, meaning that they will most likely not need to be replaced. Vivint may install 2GIG sensors with a Sky panel, so make sure to check what devices you have before replacing them. It is also possible that Vivint provided you with a mix of both Sky and 2GIG devices, so some may need to be replaced, while others may function with your new system.

If you have a 2GIG GC2 panel from Vivint, you can replace its cellular module and then have a new monitoring company register it with The new company will be able to provide your panel with a new installer code, granting you access to system programming.

There are three different cellular communicators that are compatible with the GC2 system. Users should choose the communicator that offers the cellular service that typically works best in their area. It is important to remember that the necessary GC2 firmware updates will need to be installed to the panel before the cellular communicator can be used.

The three cellular communicators that can be used with the 2GIG GC2 include:

The video shown below will help you replace the communicator in a GC2 panel:

3. Access programming. From here, you can access system programming and use the panel however you would like. If you just want to use your panel to provide audible alerts at your residence, you can keep it unmonitored, and you will be able to use your installer code to make any changes to the system.

If you decide to have the panel monitored by a new alarm company, make sure to select a monitoring plan that includes cellular monitoring and interactive services. You will want to choose a company that will provide support for the panel you have, while also not locking you out of programming by changing the installer code. Alarm Grid offers cellular monitoring plans starting at $25 per month that will work for anyone with a 2GIG GC2 security system.

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