How Do I Find the Firmware Version on My 2GIG GC2 Panel?

You can find the firmware version on your 2GIG GC2 Panel by accessing the Toolbox Menu of the system. You will need to provide the Master Code for the alarm system in order to access this menu. The firmware version, along with other system information will be conveniently listed.

2gig cp21 345 frontMany users will want to check the firmware version of their 2GIG Go!Control GC2 Security System. Certain features for the system are only available on certain firmware versions of the panel. By upgrading the panel's firmware, a user will be able to do more with their alarm system. Some of the features that can be obtained by upgrading the firmware to a higher version include the ability to receive cellular monitoring and the ability to use an image sensor with the system.

Any user who needs to upgrade the firmware for their GC2 Alarm System can follow the instructions outlined in this link. Upgrading the firmware for the system is very easy, and it can be completed by most end users. However, a user should check their current firmware version before upgrading in order to make sure that the firmware upgrade is needed.

If you would like to check the firmware version for your 2GIG GC2 System, complete the following easy steps:

1. Access the toolbox. Start from the main screen of the 2GIG GC2. Press Security, then Menu, then Toolbox. You will then need to provide the Master Code for the system. The default Master Code for the GC2 System is 1111, but this code is usually changed for security purposes. After providing the code, the system will open the Toolbox Menu.

2. Check the firmware. Press the right arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen once. Then press the Version button, which is located directly above the arrows. The panel will display a list of system information, including the firmware version. The firmware version is listed in the fourth row from the top, near the middle. Take note of the firmware version before continuing.

3. Exit the menu. Press the back button in the lower-left corner of the screen. Then press the picture of the house on the front of the panel to return to the home screen.

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