How Do I Get a Total Connect Account?

You can get a Total Connect Account by signing-up for an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to the service. Once your security system has been activated for monitoring service, your alarm monitoring company should send you an email with steps to create a Total Connect 2.0 Account.

Total Connect 2.0 is an interactive service platform designed for use with Honeywell Alarm Control Panels only. The service will not work with panels that are not manufactured by Honeywell. Most of the newer Honeywell Panels will support Total Connect 2.0 service. Users should keep in mind though that many of the older Honeywell Systems will not work with the service. If a user wants to get a Total Connect Account, they must have a compatible system. The system must also be able to communicate through either a cellular connection or an IP connection. A panel that uses POTS (plain old telephone service) communication exclusively cannot be used with Total Connect.

There are many benefits to using the Total Connect 2.0 service. The main reason to use TC2 is to access and control an alarm system remotely. The service can be accessed through a web browser or by using the TC2 Mobile App on an Android or iOS device. Once you have accessed TC2 and logged-into your Total Connect 2.0 Account, you can perform various actions and functions. These functions include arming and disarming the panel, controlling smart home devices, checking the status of sensors, viewing the live feed of cameras and more.

If you want to get a Total Connect 2.0 Account, complete the following steps:

1. Get a Honeywell Panel. Obtain a compatible Honeywell Panel that uses cellular and/or IP communication. You might need to purchase a communicator as well. Some of the most popular Honeywell Panels to use include the Honeywell Lyric Controller, the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels, the Honeywell VISTA-15P, the Honeywell VISTA-20P and the Honeywell VISTA-21iP.

2. Get alarm monitoring. Once you have a system, you will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to TC2. All of the Alarm Grid monitoring plans include access to TC2, with the sole-exception of the standard Bronze Plan. However, if you want to control Z-Wave devices, you will need a Silver Plan or higher. If you want dual-path connectivity (IP and cellular) you will need a Gold Plan or higher. If you want video surveillance you will need a Platinum Plan. If you want to learn more about our alarm monitoring plans, press the orange "Alarm Monitoring" button at the top of the page. You will need to schedule a time-slot for your system to be activated for monitoring.

3. Create a TC2 Account. Once your system is activated, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create a Total Connect Account. Follow the steps in this email to complete the process.

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