How do I get in to program an L5200 if I'm Locked out?

Keyed in your installer code and the program button is not responding? That means you are locked out programming. If you are putting in your installer code and not seeing the program button show up at all then you are not using the correct code. The default installer code is 4112. Wether you are locked out or forgot your installer code here is how we will get you back into programming.

First, Reboot the Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch alarm system.

There are two ways to do this:

1. From the home screen enter the following sequence: Security + More + Tools + Enter Master Code (default is 1234) + Test + Reboot.

2. You can open the panel and remove battery and ac power. If you are not using the LT cable then you should unplug power at the wall not at the panel to avoid possible electrocution.

Press and hold the Home button beneath the touch screen as soon as you see the white screen during reboot.

When is the system is rebooting you will see scrolling Linux text then there will be a white screen. During the white screen press and hold the Home button beneath the touchscreen.

Release the Home button (House icon) when you see ‘Ready to Arm’ on a green bar across the screen.

Press and release ‘Security’ on the touchscreen.

Press and release ‘Arm Stay’ on the touchscreen.

A number pad will pop up. Enter ‘Clear’ followed by ‘00’.

Then press the program button and enter back into programming.

Once you are back in programming first confirm the installer code.

** The reason why you got locked out of programming is because "No" was selected when prompted to "Allow installer back into programming?" This question is asked EVERY time you exit programming. You will need to always say "Yes." **

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Hi, the installer code will the stay the same if you do not know the installer code once you enter into programming you will be able to change it.
Hello, I am sure I locked myself out of Programing as I don't see the Program button. At first I tried the default installer code 4112 but it didn't work (I think it would just take me back to home screen). After a few attempts I tried my master code and that seemed to get me in the menu where I see test, events, schedules etc but no Program button. I will try these steps and reboot. But my question is, will the installer code go back to the default or will it be the one that was setup for me at initial setup which seems to be the same as my master code. I would like for my backlight to be off after inactivity. And can't get to it! BTW... your videos are very informative. :) Your help is greatly appreciated!
No, you will not.
if one performs these steps will you lose all your existing programming?
Are you able to post (or email to a video of you trying the process so we can see what's happening?
Sorry and no words Thnks
There two a triangle and a house.
How many physical buttons below your touchscreen and do they have words AND symbols or just symbols?
The system is not armed, I have the system code and after rebooting going to arm stay and entering clear 00 and nothing happens.Thanks for your reply
If the system is armed, you won't be able to perform the back door method to get into programming. The system is always going to come up armed, rather than ready to arm, which won't allow you to perform the other steps required. You'd have to try to disarm (you can try all combinations of 4 digit codes from 0000 - 9999) or you'd have to replace the panel.
I have rebooted held home entered clear 00 at least 12 times, never leaves arm stay screen
You need to disarm the system first to use the back door programming method. If your system is armed and you don't know the code to disarm it, you will need to try every code (0000-9999) or get a new LYNX Touch panel and program your existing sensors to the new panel.
I was able to get into Tools before but not programming... however now even Tools is blocked.
I am not sure where I went wrong but after doing all of the steps it went into Arm Stay mode and has remained locked in that setting even after trying to repeat the steps again. Any suggestions?
Yes, you don't need to open the panel and disconnect battery and transformer as the panel offers a way to reboot through programming. Your sensor programming will never be lost during a power cycle or extended power outage.
Just so I understand...I can follow the steps beginning with #1 and then once rebooting begins I look for the white screen and hold the "HOME" button. Then follow the rest of the steps..I dont have to take the panel off? Next, Once the reboot is completed and the installer code is reset, do i need to enter/register the sensors again or will it retain its memory?
Hmm, I just tested an L5210 and pressed the home button as soon as I clicked Reboot and had no issues getting it to come up to Ready to Arm screen. We've also never had someone say it didn't work aside from you so perhaps you're doing a different process?
For newer devices (the 5210 at least), I've seen that you should wait until the "System Standby" screen appears before holding the Home key. If you hold the Home key while the white screen is displayed, it will never go to the Ready to Arm screen.

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