How Do I Get Into Programming On My VISTA-P System?

To get into programming on a Vista P control panel, enter the installer code followed by the numbers 8 0 0 on a Honeywell keypad. Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112.

If pressing 4112 followed by 800 does not cause your keypad display to change to Installer Code 20 or 20, your installer code may have been changed from the default 4112. Luckily, there is a back door method to get into programming.

To enter via the back door, power down the panel by unplugging the transformer and disconnecting one of the lead's to the panel's backup battery. Power the system back up by plugging the transformer into the outlet again. Within 50 seconds of doing that, press and hold the (*) star and (#) pound keys simultaneously on your keypad for 3 full seconds.

Once * and # have been pressed and held, "Installer Code 20" will be displayed if you have an alphanumeric keypad and "20" will be displayed if you have a Fixed English keypad. The alpha keypad will allow users to enter sub-menus such as *56 zone programming and *29 communicator programming while the Fixed English is limited to viewing only the basic programming selections. Please refer to the VISTA 15P, 20P programming guide for complete programming fields. If you want to change the installer code once you are in programming, press *20 followed by a 4 digit number that you want to set as the new installer code. This code can not be an existing panel master or user code. If the new installer code is accepted, you'll hear the keypad beep and advance to the next programming field which is *21.

Finally, to exit programming, press *99.

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No, programming is stored in non-volatile memory.
Hello, By rebooting the via "back door" method, will this erase all the current programming of sensors, detectors etc.?

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