Temperature Display On Total Connect 2.0

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Honeywell has upgraded Total Connect 2.0 so that users can change the temperature setting right from their Total Connect 2.0 account. Users can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. This is great news for any Total Connect 2.0 users who prefer using Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

Previously, the temperature setting was determined by the address set in the Locations module. A Honeywell System would only display the temperature in Celsius if it was assigned to a Total Connect account associated with a Canadian ZIP Code. If the TC account was associated with a ZIP Code in the United States, then both Total Connect and the panel would display the temperature in Fahrenheit. We have received many requests over the years from our international TC2 users for this type of feature. We're very excited that Honeywell has finally implemented this change!

The temperature setting option is found within the "Locations" section of Total Connect 2.0. This is the same menu location as the "Refresh Status" button, which we discussed yesterday. For detailed information on how to access this menu, please see the previous post. You may need to scroll down on this menu to find the setting. Make sure to press the blue "Save" button once you have made the new selection.

Once the new temperature option is selected, the change should be automatically pushed down to the Honeywell System. It may take awhile for the update to be passed down to the panel. To speed up the process, you can reboot the panel. Once the panel loads the weather information, the new temperature setting should be displayed. Please note that this change will only go through on the panel for the Honeywell Lyric Controller and most Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems.