How do I get power to the 2GIG GoControl?

The 2GIG Go!Control alarm system includes the 2GIG AC1 transformer. This is an AC transformer that takes standard high voltage 120VAC and transforms it down to 14 VDC @ 1700 mA. The AC1 has screw terminals designed to land a custom cable run. It is recommended to use 18 gauge stranded wiring if you are custom cabling. This thicker gauge allows the power to carry down the line with minimal resistance so you can make your cable run a bit longer than normal. Be sure to stay within the confines of local low voltage wiring standards when custom cabling in any wall cavity, especially any plenum spaces. 

2GIG also created the AC2-PLUG transformer for our DIYers out there looking to eliminate an added step of custom cabling. The AC2 is the same transformer as the AC1 except that it has a 10 foot power cable attached. The cable has a DC barrel connector that plugs directly into the DC power port on the backside of the Go!Control panel. This serves for easy power cycling without the risk of damaging the board or yourself! 

If you have not purchased the Go!Control panel yet there is a convenient kit that comes with the AC2. The 2GIG Go!Control AC2 kit includes the AC2-PLUG instead of the AC1. If you already have the control panel and are looking to swap in the AC2-PLUG you can purchase it separately. 

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