How Do I Get Power To The Lyric Security System?

To get power to the Lyric alarm system it is best to use an LT-Cable. The LT-Cable has a Red and a Black wire with spade lugs already crimped onto the ends. At the transformer connect Red to Positive and Black to Negative. At the panel end, connect Red to +9VDC. Connect Black to GND.

The Lyric Controller does not have a barrel plug built into the circuit board like the LynxTouch panels do. However, Honeywell has adapted the LT-Cable to solve this problem. With this adaptation, the LT-Cable is compatible with the Lyric Controller as well as nearly any security panel available today. The LT-Cable now comes with a pigtail that has a barrel connector on one side, and two flying leads on the other. The barrel connector connects with the main portion of the LT-Cable, while the flying leads will go under the panel's screw terminals.

Using a phillips head screwdriver loosen the transformer's screw terminals then slide the Red wire spade connector under the (positive) + screw and the Black wire spade connector under the (negative) - screw terminal. Once connected, tighten the screws on the power supply just enough to secure each.

Plug the power supply into a wall outlet. Be sure this outlet is not controlled by a switch. Using the included screw, secure the power supply into the center of the outlet.

There is also the option to purchase, measure, cut and splice your own wire to provide power. If you choose to go this route, be aware that the Lryic panel has strict limits for power wiring. Using 22 AWG wiring, the wire from the transformer to the panel is limited to eight (8) feet. On 20 AWG wire, the limit is thirteen (13) feet, and on 18 AWG wire, the limit is twenty (20) feet. This is the longest recommended wire run for the Lyric Controller's power cable. Exceeding these limits will result in power issues, such as intermittent low battery trouble, or frequent low battery and low battery restore conditions.

In addition to staying within the manufacturer's specifications for wire gauge and distance, using an LT-Cable also provides an easy and quick way to remove power from the Lyric controller. Do this by unplugging the male DC barrel from the female DC port on the LT-Cable. To power completely down, you will also need to open the panel cover, and disconnect the backup battery.

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