How Do I Get Power To The Lyric Security System?

The easiest way to get power to a Lyric alarm system is to pair it with an LT Cable.

The Lyric Controller does not have a DC plug built into the control panel like the Lynx Touch control panels, but Honeywell has reconstructed the LT Cable to make it compatible with most security control panels. The LT Cable now comes with a pigtail that has two wires. Using a very small Phillips head screwdriver to connect the red wire to the +9VDC and the black wire connects to the GND terminal on the control panel. The other side of the pigtail has a female DC port that the male DC barrel of the LT Cable connector plugs directly into. Using the same Phillips head screwdriver slide the red wire spade connector under the (positive) + screw on the power supply and the black wire spade connect to the (negative) - screw terminal on the power supply. Tighten the screws on the power supply just enough to secure.

Plug the power supply into a wall outlet that is not controlled by a switch. Using the enclosed screw, tighten the power supply into the outlet.

There is also the option of purchase, measure, cut and splice your own wire to provide power.

However, using an LT Cable provides an easy way to reboot the Lyric controller. Unplug the male DC barrel from the female DC port. Using your own wire users will need to remove the power supply for the outlet and disconnect the panel battery.

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