How do I install a GSMV4G on a Honeywell VISTA-250BPT?

It is very easy to install an AlarmNet GSMV4G cellular alarm communicator on a VISTA-250BPT. In fact, the process is exactly the same as adding a GSMV4G to a VISTA-128BPT alarm control panel.

Connect the communicator to the panel just like an alarm keypad. Make sure the four wires are run in parallel along with any wired keypads, wireless alarm receivers or other four wire alarm sensors. You can then connect the AC transformer using a new two wire connection between the transformer and the first two terminals on the GSMV4G. The VISTA-250BPT control panel does not support the shared transformer configuration that allows you to power the panel and GSMV4G off a single transformer so you will have a separate transformer for the panel and the communicator.

Finally, make sure to connect the backup battery and close the cover of the GSMV4G otherwise you will have a low battery signal and a tamper fault.

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