How do I install a Honeywell GSMV4G on a VISTA-128BPT?

A VISTA-128BPT supports cellular alarm communication just like the lower end VISTA alarm control panels. The Honeywell GSMV4G is the most popular AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator available.

To install a GSMV4G on your VISTA-128BPT, you should first power your security system down by unplugging the AC transformer and disconnecting the back up battery. With the 128BPT powered down, connect a four conductor wire between the VISTA-128BPT's ECP terminals and terminals 3-6 on the GSMV4G. The red wire should be connected from terminal 6 on the 128BPT to terminal 3 on the GSMV4G. the black wire should connect terminal 7 on the VISTA board to terminal 4 on the GSMV4G. The green wire should connect terminal 8 on the alarm control panel to terminal 6 on the cellular communicator. Finally, the yellow wire should connect terminal 9 on the VISTA-128BPT to terminal 5 on the GSMV4G.

Next, connect the backup battery to the charging circuit of the GSMV4G. The battery alone will not power up the communicator but if the unit is powered up by the included AC transformer, the battery will keep it powered up during a power outage.

Finally, using a two conductor wire, connect each of the screw terminals on the transformer to an AC terminal on the GSMV4G. The AC terminals are terminals 1 and 2 and you don't need to observer polarity. Just make sure that each screw terminal is connected to a separate AC terminal on the communicator.

Once the wires are connected, mount the GSMV4G cellular alarm communicator on the wall and cover the unit with the plastic cover to avoid a tamper fault.

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You would need an active phone line connected if you wanted to use a regular phone for remote system control. Of course, if you aren't under contract, we have very reasonable rates for monitoring/Total Connect service.
My Lynx plus is actively connected with an alarm system. The book says I should be able to call the system and either arm or disarm the system. The authorized dealer that I use wants to charge me an arm and a leg to use the total connect.
There is no phone number associated with the SIM card. You need to activate the GSMV4G with an alarm dealer and then the alarm signals go out over the AT&T network to the central station or just to Total Connect for remote access and instant emails and/or text messages.
How do I find the GSMV4G phone number so i can call and arm / disarm the alarm with my cell phone?
Okay, that probably means you have another communication path enabled. You should check the panel settings to make sure you aren't setup for a phone line on a secondary path.
Thanks for the response. the central station is receiving signals and all is working. the panel thinks there is a comm fail. I agree, I think it is something in programming, I just don't know what it is
Hi Monty, There are many reasons that it may not be working. It could be a programming or addressing issue. It could be an AlarmNet programming issue with the way the GSMV4G is setup. You really need to have the company that is providing the AlarmNet service troubleshoot why it isn't working.
I'm getting a COMM FAIL displayed on the keypad with a GSMV4G connected to a VISTA128BPT. we are using the cell as the only comm path (no internet or pots line). Everything appears good, sending signals and signal strength is -87dbm. What causes this?
The output is 9V, 2.5A. The input is rated at 100-240V (50/60Hz, .6A).
The transformer of Lynx touch is for 12v and 240v? We need 240v
Yes, you can use the same wireless 5800 Series devices with an L5100 and a VISTA panel that supports wireless.
Thx. And one more can we connect wireless 5800 devices with Lynx touch 5100 and as a reserve panel use Vista with wired or wireless panel?
No, the LYNX Touch L5100 is a standalone wireless security system (control panel and keypad in one device) and can not be connected to a VISTA Series panel. The Tuxedo Touch ( would be the touchscreen to add to a VISTA panel. Keep in mind though that the VISTA-50 does not support the Tuxedo Touch either.
Is it possible to connect Vista50 or Vista128 with Linux touch 5100 via WiFi or wires?

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