How Do I Install a Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W?

You can install a Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W by picking a mounting spot, mounting the unit, wiring the unit, providing power, calibrating the unit, and programming the zones to the PROA7PLUS. One PROSIXC2W can convert up to eight (8) wired zones into wireless zones for use with the PROA7PLUS.

Complete the following steps to install a Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W:

1. Choose a mounting location. You should start by deciding where the Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W Wired to Wireless Converter is going to be located. Since the unit is typically used when a user is upgrading from to a new Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS System from an older wired alarm panel, the most logical spot to place the PROSIXC2W is usually near the old panel. That way, you can easily transfer the wired zones from the old panel to the PROSIXC2W. All of the wires should be meeting up at that convenient location, so mounting the PROSIXC2W in the same area is ideal. You may need to extend some of the wires a little bit to get them to reach the PROSIXC2W, but that shouldn't be too difficult. Remember that the PROSIXC2W should never be mounted inside the old alarm panel or inside of any other metal enclosure. Doing so can cause wireless interference and prevent the PROSIXC2W from communicating with the panel successfully.

2. Mount the PROSIXC2W. Once you have selected a good mounting location, preferably nearby the old hardwired alarm panel, it is then time to mount the unit. You will need to open up the PROSIXC2W by pushing in the two (2) bottom tabs and then lifting the front of the unit up to access the inside. You can use the supplied screws to secure the PROSIXC2W Converter Module to the wall. The center screw for the unit will secure the rear tamper. Make sure that there is an open access hole near the bottom of the unit so that you can feed zone and power wires to the PROSIXC2W, while still being able to close the module later.

3. Complete the wiring. Zone wiring should be completed while the PROSIXC2W Converter is still powered OFF. What you are doing here is transferring the connected sensors from the old panel that is being replaced to the PROSIXC2W Converter. It is strongly recommended that you label the zone wires from the old panel to avoid any confusion as you are completing the transfer.

Keep in mind that end of line resistors (EOLRs) must be used with any active zone on the PROSIXC2W Converter. The PROSIXC2W supports EOLR learning for resistor values ranging from 1k to 10k. As long as there are existing EOLRs within that value range already installed on the hardwired sensors being brought over, then there is no need to add any new resistors, or remove any existing ones. Remember that Normally Closed (NC) sensors will have EOLRs that are wired in Series, while Normally Open (NO) sensors will have EOLRs that are wired in Parallel. If you need to add a new resistor to any active zone, then you can use one of the eight (8) resistors included with the PROSIXC2W Converter. These resistors are rated at 2.2k ohms, color-coded Red-Red-Red-Gold. Inactive zones can be left open, without connecting a resistor.

One by one, disconnect the zone wires from the old panel, and bring them over to the PROSIXC2W. Remember to run all connecting wires through the designated opening at the bottom of the PROSIXC2W Converter so that you can properly close the module when you are finished. There are eight (8) available zones on the PROSIXC2W. Zones 1 and 2 share a ground (GND) connection in between them, as do Zones 3 and 4, Zones 5 and 6, and Zones 7 and 8. If you have any powered sensors using a 4-wire connection, then the two (2) power wires will go to the 12VDC AUX OUTPUT Terminal and its accompanying GND Terminal. The 12VDC Terminal is for the Positive (+) connection, which is typically the red wire, while the GND Terminal is for the Negative (-) connection, which is typically the black wire. Remember that a maximum of two (2) wired sensors can be powered devices connecting to the AUX Terminals. If you need to bring over more than two (2) powered sensors using 4-wire connections, then you will need to use an additional PROSIXC2W Converter Module.

4. Provide power. You can start by plugging in the included 3.6VDC backup battery for the PROSIXC2W. This can be seen in the upper-right corner of the diagram at the end of Step 2. Simply plug the connector end running from the battery into the corresponding port on the PROSIXC2W. The cylindrical battery is held in-place in a designated spot inside the PROSIXC2W module. Just slide it into the holder to keep it secure.

After connecting and securing the backup battery for the PROSIXC2W, you can then connect AC power, which is the primary power source for the unit. The PROSIXC2W comes with a 5VDC plug-in transformer for this purpose. However, you must supply your own wiring. You can use a pre-prepared Honeywell LT-Cable for this task, but pretty much any standard alarm wiring will do. However, you must be aware of the maximum allowed wire run for the wire gauge (AWG) you are working with. The thicker the wire (aka, the smaller the gauge), the longer the allowed wire run. Some popular wire gauges and their associated maximum run are listed below.

  • 18 AWG - 16 Feet
  • 20 AWG - 10 Feet
  • 22 AWG - 6 Feet

When connecting the wire at the transformer and the PROSIXC2W Converter, remember to observe polarity. Pay attention when wiring at the transformer to ensure that you do you mix up the wires. Red is for Positive (+) and it should connect to the 5VDC Input Terminal on the converter. Black is for Negative (-), and it should connect to the GND Terminal on the converter. You may also want to connect the optional screw to the transformer and the outlet so that it is less likely to become unplugged accidentally.

5. Calibrate the PROSIXC2W. Calibration should be conducted after all the wiring has been completed and the unit has been successfully powered. You will need to recomplete the calibration process whenever you add or remove a sensor used with the PROSIXC2W, or whenever a change is made to a connected resistor. When calibrating the PROSIXC2W, make sure that all the connected zones are in their restored positions (not faulted). To complete the calibration process, simply press and release the calibration process. The second (2nd) LED light on the unit should flash Red for half a second, and then the third (3rd) LED light on the unit will light up solid green. Remember that calibration data is retained even if all power is lost to the unit. Refer to the diagram under Step 3 for a visualization of the calibration process.

6. Program the zones. You can now enroll the PROSIXC2W zones to wireless zones on the PROA7PLUS Panel. Each wired zone on the PROSIXC2W represents a wireless zone on the PROA7PLUS. The zones used are the wireless PROSIX Series and SiX Series Zones. Up to 127 of these zones are available on the PROA7PLUS Panel. Do not confuse these encrypted zones with the legacy zones used with the Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER Module (if used).

As of February 2021, local end user programming for learning-in sensors is not available for the PROA7PLUS. If your PROA7PLUS System does not support local end user programming, then you will need to contact your alarm monitoring company to help you enroll the sensors. You will need to be on site with the system and the converter module to fault the sensors while your monitoring provider activates the auto-enrollment function. Alarm Grid monitored customers can contact us at to arrange for a time to complete this process.

If you are following this guide sometime in the future when the PROA7PLUS supports local end user programming, and the corresponding update has been applied to your system, then put the system into its auto-enrollment mode, fault one of the connected wired sensors to transmit a wireless signal to the panel, verify that the Serial Number on the screen is correct, and configure the remaining zone settings like you would for any other system zone. Make sure to save the changes to any zone that you configure.

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