How Do I Install a Security System in My Apartment If I Can't Put Holes In the Wall?

If you live in an apartment where you cannot put holes in the wall, it is still possible to install a great security system. This can be done by using a wireless system with a desk mount. You can also mount wireless sensors with double-sided foam tape to avoid drilling them into the wall.

We strongly recommend using a wireless security system if you live in an apartment where you cannot drill holes. This is because wireless security systems are significantly easier to set up than wired systems. They also eliminate the need for running or fishing any wires. Also, wireless security systems can readily interface with wireless security sensors that are very easy for DIY users to install and program.

For apartment living, you can probably achieve a complete security set up with just a few security sensors. In many cases, just a couple of door and window sensors and a single motion sensor will suffice. We encourage you to check out our security system kits to see if there is a complete package that meets the needs for your apartment. And in the event that you decide to move out of your, apartment, you will be able to take your security system and all your sensors with you to a new location.

Once you have a wireless security system, you can use a desk mount with the panel to avoid having to mount it to the wall. This will allow you to rest the panel on any sturdy table or desk for easy access. If you decide to move it to another room later, it will be as simple as unplugging it from the wall and bringing it to a different room in your apartment.

Two great security systems to choose for an apartment are the Honeywell Lyric Controller and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. The Lyric Controller has a desk mount that can be purchased separately, while the IQ Panel 2 already comes with one. Both panels are very easy to set up and program, making them excellent for DIY users.

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