How Do I Install an IPCAM-WOC1?

You can install an IPCAM-WOC1 by attaching the camera to its mounting base, which is secured to the wall or ceiling. Start by marking the locations for holes to drill for the mounting base. Then secure the mounting base to the wall. Finally, secure the camera to the mounting base.

Complete the following steps to install a Lyric IPCAM-WOC1:

1. Mark the hole locations. Hole the mounting base up against the wall or ceiling in the spot where you want to install the IPCAM-WOC1. Make sure that it is positioned on the wall so that the camera will be aligned properly after the installation is complete. On the four corners of the mounting base, there will be spots for screws that can support the base. Use a writing device to mark the locations of these four spots. If you are fishing wires for the camera through the wall, you should also mark the location for a center hole.

2. Drill the holes. Use a powered drill to create the four holes that will be used to support the mounting base and camera. When drilling the holes, make sure to accommodate for both the screws and the wall anchors. If you are drilling a fifth hole for the cameras wires, make sure to drill that as well.

3. Secure the mounting base. Insert the wall anchors into the holes that were drilled. Hold the mounting base up against the wall or ceiling with the screw slots positioned over the holes drilled earlier. Then screw the mounting base onto the wall. Make sure that the connections are tight and secure.

4. Secure the camera. If you are fishing the camera wires through a center hole, start by pushing the wires through that hole. Hold the camera over the mounting base, and position it so that the screw holes for the camera are aligned with the corresponding screw holes on the mounting base. Then screw the camera onto the mounting base. Make sure that the camera is nice and secure and not prone to becoming loose. If desired, you may also attach the included sun shield to the camera.

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