How Do I install The 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3 Into A 2GIG GC3?

The 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3 is the compatible AT&T cellular communicator for the2GIG GC3 control panel.

To install the 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3, make sure the 2GIG GC3 control panel is completely powered down by disconnecting the battery and making sure the transformer is not plugged into an outlet.

2GIG has simplified the installation by adding a hinged door to the side of the GC3 panel. Open the side hinged door and insert the 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3 until it snaps in place > close the hinged door.

Power up the GC3 by connecting the battery and plugging the transformer into the outlet. After powering up, the system should recognize the cell communicator, this may take about 40 seconds.

The 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3 has a built in antenna and usually no exterior antenna is required.

Users will need to run a test to make sure the cell communicator is communicating. To run a test press the 2GIG logo > Installer Toolbox > Enter the 4 digit installer code (the default 2GIG installer code is 1561) > System Configuration > Radio Test > Press Radio Test. If the cell is communicating Success will display on your screen. Once success is displayed press Done.

Since there are no phone lines to cut, installing a cell communicator is the most secure path of communication. The 2GIG 3GA-AGC3 will send signals to a central monitoring station and enable the GC3 panel to receive panel updates.

Installing a 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3 also allows users to connect to provides users with the ability to control the alarm system, home automation and video surveillance remotely from any computer, smartphone or ios device. Users will receive notifications via email and or text message on any alarm signal or event.

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Not having an active account seemed to be the issue. Julie walked me thru the set up. She was totally awesome. Thanks for your assistance. Still, I think something should be in the instructions about the meaning of what the Radio Test really is and why a person would get a failure. It is very confusing.
I think if you are getting 6/6 on the signal strength, you should be just fine to activate with us. I would imagine the Radio Test is just failing because you don't have an activate account setup yet which is something we'll do for you during activation once you sign up with us online at
Thanks, I'll try in the morning, but to to answer your first questions: 1. I believe it should have good cell strength. I'm using the AT&T module, because I'm using AT&T as my cellular provider. Also, when I look at the singal strength I see "6/6" (under the Radio Status tab). 2. When I installed the device, I unplugged the battery and discounted the power. So, I had assumed that there was nothing more to do (as it goes for power). I will try again tomorrow to "depower" the unit and do another reinstall. The instructions are straight forward to install the device, so it's kinda driving me crazy that I can't make it work. LOL!
Have you tried a full power cycle of the system? If not, I would suggest that and then run the Radio Test again. You don't need to run the test before activating with us, but if it is failing, that may be an indication that your system has no cellular signal strength for the carrier your communicator is using where the system is currently installed.
Hi, I have followed the instructions above and in the included manual. It seems to be quite simple, yet each time I run the Radio Test it fails. When I look under the Radio Status menu I have a serial number and a subscriber ID along with other various information; therefore, I am assuming the unit is seeing the card. Do you know what could be a possible solution? Is there something I'm missing? I am assuming that I have to get this step successfully completed before I acquire monitoring through you guys. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. \R, Mark

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