How do I Program a Duress Code Into My Lyric Gateway?

The Lyric Gateway, Honeywell’s most recent addition to the AIO security system, automation controller, and lifestyle enhancement market, offers many of the same features as the Lyric Controller, for a more affordable price. Because the Lyric Gateway has no programming interface, but rather, has a simple numerical touch input, for commands like arming, disarming, and activating panics, Honeywell offers an app, called MyHome Gateway, which, when connected to the same network as the Lyric Gateway, provides a touchscreen interface which mirrors that of the Lyric Controller. In order to use MyHome Gateway, you need an Apple iOS or Android device with the free app installed, connected to the network via WIFI. The Lyric Gateway must be connected to the same network, either via WIFI, or Ethernet. There is a brief pairing procedure. You can see how to set that up here. Once the app is paired with the Lyric Gateway, use it to program users, include automation devices, create smart scenes, enable or disable chime and voice functions, and set up compatible IPCams.

A Duress code is used in a situation where, your system is armed, you’re entering the protected premises, and an intruder attempts to force their way in with you, forcing you to disarm your system. The Duress code will disarm the system as normal, but will silently send a signal to the monitoring station, letting them know you’ve been forced to disarm under duress, hence the name. This is only one example of how this code may be used.

To add a Duress code to the Lyric Gateway, from the MyHome Gateway app, go to Security > Tools > Master Code > Users > Duress then Edit. You’ll see that the Duress code is user 48 on this panel. Press “User Code”, then enter the 4 digit code you wish to use for Duress. This should be a code that everyone can remember, but that won’t accidentally be used as, or confused with, a regular code. Once the 4 digit code has been entered, press “Done”. If Z-Wave locks are being used, you have the option to enable Z-Wave Lock Control (Yes) then you can set Z-Wave Unlocking Door to “Disarm”. Then hit “Save”. Now, if the Duress code is used to unlock a Z-Wave lock, it will automatically Disarm the system, and send a Duress Code to central station if reporting is enabled. If Z-Wave locks are not being used, once the code has been entered, just hit “Save”. Any time the Duress code is entered at the Keypad, or from the MyHome Gateway app (while on site) the system will disarm, as usual, but in addition, a Duress signal will be sent to the Monitoring Station, when reporting is enabled.

The Lyric Gateway has no local programming interface available. Zones and other alarm system settings must be configured via AlarmNet 360 by the alarm dealer. This means, in order to get a Lyric Gateway up and running, there must be an AlarmNet account associated with it, to allow for remote programming.

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