How do I program a GSMX4G onto a VISTA 20P?

The Honeywell GSMX4G is cellular communicator that uses the AT&T network (2G, 3G and 4G towers) to transmit signals from the VISTA-20P alarm to a monitoring provider. After you connect the GSMX4G to your VISTA alarm panel, you will need to program the panel to utilize the GSM communication path. First, get into programming mode by Installer Code (Default is 4112) + [8] + [00]. You will see "20" or "Installer code 20" on the keypad display. If you do not know the installer code use the back door method. Then make sure that you remember to check or change the installer code, so you can get back into programming later, if desired.

First, enable the "long range radio" which in this case is the GSMX4G. Once in programmingmode, press [*29] followed by [1] then [*].

The *29 field allows you to enable the IP and/or GSM communication path. In panel versions 7 or higher, It can also allow what's called "pass-through programming" to the GSMX4G, as well as "Diagnostics," when programming via a 6160 or similar Alpha keypad. After you make the [1] then [*] entry described above, you'll see this prompt:

Press [0] then [*] to exit back to panel programming. After you enable the GSM unit in programming you can use the VISTA-20P Programming Guide to make any other custom adjustments. After you have completed programming, press *99 to exit programming.

Once the above programming has been done, the system will issue a "Check 103 - Long Range Radio" error if the GSM is not registered with a monitoring provider. So it is best to keep this feature disabled until just before the activation process. If you are looking to disable the LRR until you get it registered, simply go back into programming: [Installer code] + [8] [00] > [*29] [0*] [0*] > *99 to exit. Now the radio will be disabled and you will not receive the Check 103 error again. Remind the tech to enable it again during the activation process if you have disabled it on your own.

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Do I have to call and put the system on the test when I disconnect the old GSM Communicator before I do the upgrade to a GSM for communicator
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I have a cellular GSMX4G connected to my Vista 20P and would like to send the signal direct to my smart phone, and wondered if there is an app that would by pass the central monitoring middle man? (How would I pay for the sim card cell service?) How do I change the call out number?
To blank out a field, enter programming, (Installer Code + 8 + 00) then enter *41*, *42*. This will blank out both central station phone number fields and should keep the FC (Failure to Communicate) from coming back up.
Yes, just disable the phone line reporting by zeroing out field *41.
Why does FC continue to show up on the key pad.? Can I remove it for good??

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