How Do I Program a Honeywell Panel with a 6280 Touch Screen Keypad?

You can program a Honeywell Panel with a 6280 Touch Screen Keypad by accessing the keypad's console mode. This feature allows the keypad to function as an Alphanumeric Keypad so that deep-level programming can be performed. You will still need to know the general programming process.

Honeywell 6280 talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypadThe Honeywell 6280 is a touchscreen keypad that is used to control a Honeywell VISTA Security System. By using its Console Mode, the keypad can do virtually anything that a regular Alphanumeric Keypad is capable of. The only thing it can't do is backdoor the system if the user is locked out of programming. And that's really only because the keypad does not boot-up fast enough when the system is initially powered on.

When using Console Mode, you will operate the 6280 with an on-screen push button keypad. Just treat the 6280 like you would a Honeywell 6160 Keypad. You will still need to know the basic steps for programming a Honeywell VISTA System to complete the process. We strongly encourage you to consult the Honeywell VISTA Programming Guide for more information. Programming these panels can be very tricky if you don't have a guide to follow.

Complete the following steps to program a Honeywell Panel with a 6280 Touchscreen Keypad:

1. Open Console Mode. Start from the keypad's main screen. Choose Security > More Choices > Console Mode. The keypad will enter its Console Mode.

2. Program the system. You will then use the 6280 exactly like you would a Honeywell 6160 Alphanumeric Keypad to program the system. Remember, programming is accessed using the command [Installer Code] + [800], with the default Installer Code being 4112. We strongly recommend referring to the Programming Guide linked above for more information. You can exit programming using the [*99] command.

3. Return to home screen. When you have finished using Console Mode, you should return to the main screen of the 6280. Press the picture of the House in the upper-left corner. This will exit Console Mode and return you to the main screen. Any changes will be saved automatically, as long as you exited programming properly while using Console Mode.

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