How Do I Program a SiXCT to a Lyric Gateway?

A user needs to contact their monitoring company to program in the SixCT sensor to their Lyric Gateway.

For a user to program in a SiXCT or any SiX device for that matter, they will need their panel monitored by an alarm company with access to AlarmNet360, they will need the sensor ready, and they will need to be at the panel location with the Gateway powered up and connected to WIFI, Ethernet and/or Cellular. The Lyric Gateway will need to have monitoring setup with the alarm company, ready to remotely interact with the panel.

For a user to get monitoring on their Lyric Gateway, they will need to have the unit enabled to communicate over one or more of its three available paths. The system has a built in WIFI communicator as well as an Ethernet jack and also supports a Verizon or AT&T cellular communicator. Any of the communication paths can be used by themselves, or the Internet (Ethernet or WIFI) can be used as a primary path, with Cellular as a backup. The primary path is always used, when available, but if it fails, the system will automatically switch to the secondary Cellular path.

With the new device(s) ready, the alarm company will need to log into AlarmNet360, pull up this account, go to sensor programming and add a new zone. Within zone programming the alarm company will have a button to enable zone learning mode on the system. Once they press this button, AlarmNet360 will communicate to the panel and put it into Learn Mode. Once it has successfully done this, the user can pull the battery tab or activate the SiX device. The alarm company will see the device’s serial number program into the zone, and a green checkmark (shown in AlarmNet360) will indicate that the sensor has been learned in. After completing the rest of zone programming, including the alpha description, the unit will be fully programmed and is ready to be used. To remove the device, a user will have to have their monitoring company delete it via AlarmlNet360 programming, and follow any other instructions shown on the screen during this process. When a SiX device is programmed and paired to a system, it cannot be used on any other system until it is fully deleted from the original. This sometimes requires a transmission from the device once the delete command has been sent.

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