How do I program a SIXPIR to the Lyric security system?

To program the SIXPIR, you will put the Lyric System into its wireless batch enrollment mode. Then, either pull the battery tab or open the cover tamper. The SIXPIR will pair with the alarm panel. Once it has paired, tap the entry on the screen and choose edit to complete its programming.

The SIXPIR is an encrypted wireless, bi-directional, Passive Infra-Red motion detector. It has a detection area of 40 feet by 56 feet, and covers an area of up to 90 degrees. The motion detector comes from the factory with the back plate installed, and a battery tab inserted. This keeps the unit powered down prior to installation. When programming the device, it is best to remove the back plate, but leave the battery tab in place until you are ready to learn the device into the system.

To program the SIXPIR into the Lyric Controller, Follow these steps:

  1. Enter Programming. From the Home screen, press Security > Tools > Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program. Once in programming, press the down arrow, then press "SiX Programming".
  2. Enter Serial Number. While in SiX Programming, the Lyric is listening for transmissions from any SiX Sensors. Any unpaired devices that transmit, will be paired with the Lyric and assigned one or more zone numbers, depending on the type of device. To learn in the SIXPIR, you can pull the battery tab to power on the device. If the device is already powered on, you can fault the tamper. Either of these will cause the SIXPIR to transmit and attempt to pair with the Lyric. Next to the tamper switch at the bottom center of the SIXPIR is a green LED. If this LED is flashing rapidly (1 second on/1 second off) it means the motion detector is not yet paired with a panel. Once the motion has been paired, the LED will revert to a slow flash, about once every four (4) seconds.

  3. Configure the zone. Once the SIXPIR serial number pops up in the SiX Programming screen, you can highlight it by pressing on the entry, then select "Edit" at the bottom of the screen. From this screen, you can configure everything pertaining to the motion zone.

  4. On this screen, you can choose the Response Type, and program the voice descriptor(s) for the zone. In the past, Chime was usually not an option on motion detector zones, but on the Lyric, you can choose one of ten different available chime sounds for this zone. Normally, if you were programming through regular zone programming, you would need to select a Device Type but this is automatically programmed by the Lyric once it learns the serial number. It knows that the device is a motion detector.
    In the example above, anything with a green dot next to it is enabled. Anything without a green dot is disabled. We did not enable Pet Immunity for this motion. We also do not want this motion to be active when the system is armed in Night Stay, so we have that disabled as well. If your system is reporting to a central station, be sure Alarm Report is enabled. Supervision tells the panel to listen for check-in signals from this device. If it goes for more than one (1) hour (the Supervision Interval shown) without hearing from this device, it will cause an RF supervision trouble condition to come up on the display and report to central station, if trouble reporting is enabled.
    4. Save and exit. After successfully programming the SIXPIR with the system, press “Save” at the bottom right. This will return you to the SiX Programming screen. From there, if you are finished programming press the return arrow at the upper right of the screen until you exit panel programming. It is always recommended that you test any new devices once they have been enrolled with the system. If your location is monitored by a monitoring company, be sure to contact them and put the system on test before causing any type of alarm. This will help to reduce false alarms.

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The Response Types are defined and explained on page 20 and 21 of the Lyric installation guide - Please read through that section and then let us know if you have any follow up questions.
Can you explain the different "Response Types" are?
If the SiXPIR is enrolled to another Lyric panel, there is no way to get it to enroll to your panel. You should return it to your seller as a "learned-in" SiX sensor (so they can send it back to Honeywell once you send it back to them) and have them send you a new un-enrolled sensor.
I just installed my Lyric system and 1 of my sixpir sensors is blinking red, once every 4 seconds. I read in the programming instructions on this site that this indicates the pir was associated with another system. I bought the sixpir new, so not sure what happened there. Is there a way to reset the sixpir or will it have to go back to Honeywell? Sterling- your YouTube videos on programming the Honeywell Lyric Controller and various six sensors are excellent!
You would need to enable the Chime feature within the zone programming for that particular zone. You would also need to make sure the main Settings page from the panel's home screen is enabled for Chime (and Voice if you want voice chime). With a Chime selection, the motion will cause the panel to chime when faulted in the disarmed state. Keep in mind that motions go to sleep for 3 minutes when faulted so you won't ever hear a chime from your motion more than once every 3 minutes even if there is continuous movement in the area.
How do I get the SiXPIR to chime while the alarm is set to disarmed when it detects motion. I would like to set one up correctly for my garage.

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