How Do I Program an Encore FF345 with an L5210?

You can program an Encore FF345 with an L5210 by putting the panel in its learn mode and then pressing the sensor's learn button. The button should be pressed and immediately released to program the FF345 for smoke detection. It should be pressed and held when programming for CO detection.

Encore firefighter ff345 circular smoke detector takeover modulethe Encore FireFighter FF345 is a takeover module that is used for integrating an existing smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector in with an alarm system. The device works by actively listens for the sound of an activated life-safety sensor. When the device detects this type of sound, it will send a wireless 345 MHz signal to the panel to let it know that a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector has been activated. The system will then respond as though a programmed life-safety sensor had been triggered. For best results, the FF345 should be mounted within 6 inches of the existing life-safety sensor.

Since the FF345 operates at 345 MHz, it will work with most Honeywell and 2GIG Systems. This includes the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 Alarm System. It will also work with any Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus that has a 345 MHz daughtercard installed. But if the system does not have a 345 MHz wireless receiver, then it will not be able to support the FF345. However, there is a similar module, the Interlogix SLX-AD-T3 that can be used with systems that support the 319.5 MHz frequency, as well as a DSC WST-600 that can be used with systems that support the 433 MHz frequency. Note that the Interlogix SLX-AD-T3 for 319.5 MHz panels can only detect the sound of an activated smoke detector. The SLX-AD-T3 cannot be used with CO detectors.

Complete the following steps to program an Encore FF345 with an L5210:

1. Access zone programming. Start from the main screen of the Honeywell L5210 with the system disarmed. Choose Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (default 4112) > Program > Zones. You are now in zone programming.

2. Enroll the sensor. Click the "Add New" button at the bottom. This will pull up the next available wireless zone on the system. Then choose the "Serial Number" field. This will put the panel into its wireless enrollment mode. Then locate the Learn button on the FF345. This button is found underneath its back cover. The diagram below shows the location of the learn button on an older style rectangular FF345, but it should be in a similar location on the new round style.

Activating the learn button three times will learn the FF345 in with the system. But how it is activated will affect how the system recognizes the sensor. When learned as a carbon monoxide detector, the Serial Number will be one digit higher. To learn the FF345 as a smoke detector, you should simply press and immediately release the learn button. To learn the FF345 as a carbon monoxide detector, you should press and hold the learn button for at least two seconds. The panel will beep each time the learn button has been activated. After three activations, the Serial Number will be displayed on the screen, and you will be taken back to the previous screen.

3. Configure the settings. After learning-in the sensor, its settings will need to be adjusted. The Loop Number should be set to 1. The Zone Descriptors are used for naming the device, and they should make the device easily identifiable. The Device Type should be set to either Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide Detector depending on the life-safety device it is being used with. This also applies to Response Type, and an appropriate selection of either a fire or a carbon monoxide response type should be made. Alarm Report should be set to "Yes", the device should be Supervised. Press "Save" in the bottom-right corner when finished.

4. Exit the menu. Keep pressing the return arrow in the upper right corner of the screen until you return to the home screen. Make sure to select "Yes" when asked if you want to allow the installer to reenter programming.

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