How do I program my panel to delay on an AC loss?

The method in which a panel sends an “AC Loss” trouble cannot be adjusted from its current setting. Users do have the option to turn off reporting, and/or notification completely.

All Honeywell Alarm Systems we offer (Vista Systems, Lynx Touch Systems, Lyric Alarm Systems) have the ability to send a trouble report to central station when the system power fails. These systems all use an AC plug-in transformer that supplies the needed current, along with a back-up battery. Vista panels can use a variety of 12 volt batteries. The most common models are in two varieties: 12 Volts & 4.5 Amp Hours and 12 Volts & 7 Amp Hours. Vista panels are also able to connect multiple back-up batteries in parallel to increase the amount of backup current available, while maintaining the same voltage output.

Lynx Touch systems have two choices of back-up battery models available. There is the Standard Capacity Battery, and the Super High Capacity Battery.

The Standard Capacity battery ships with all Lynx Touch models. It is an integrated battery that is able to provide a minimum (4) hours of backup power.

The Super High Capacity Battery is able to supply at least (24) hours of backup power to a Lynx Touch panel, including ones with a cellular and/or internet communicator installed.

The Lyric system has two options available for its backup battery - the LCP500-4B and the LCP500-24B.

The LCP500-4B is a minimum (4) hour backup battery that ships with all new Lyric systems. This (4) hour backup time doesn’t account for system transmissions or alarm events. This means that in an AC loss situation, if the system has an alarm during this period, the amount of backup power may be less than (4) hours.

The LCP500-24B is a backup battery that provides at least (24) hours of backup battery power, even on systems with a cellular communicator installed.

With all the panels listed, if the AC power fails to the panel, the systems will automatically switch over to backup battery. When this happens, as long as the “AC Loss” code is enabled to report, the system will send an “AC Loss” report to the central station, and, if enabled, a notification to any numbers/email addresses programmed into Total Connect 2.0. The trouble report is randomized with up to a (4) hour delay from initial power loss. This is to prevent AlarmNet and Central Station from being inundated with trouble messages when power is lost in a wide area. This randomization of the central station report cannot be adjusted, however, the notification sent via Total Connect 2.0 through email/SMS will be sent as soon as the AC Loss is logged by the system. You can choose to report this condition to central station, receive notification of it via TC2, either, neither, or both.

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