How Do I Put the 2GIG GC3 Into Learn Mode?

You can put the 2GIG GC3 into learn mode through its system configuration menu. Within this menu, there is a sub-menu for wireless zones. The learn function is available within the serial number field for a wireless zone. You will need the system's Installer Code to access this function.

Complete the following steps to put a 2GIG GC3 into learn mode so that wireless sensors can be enrolled automatically:

1. Access system configuration. From the home screen of the GC3 System, click on the 2GIG logo in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then enter the system's Installer Code. The default Installer Code for a 2GIG GC3 Panel is 1561. After entering in the Installer Code, choose the option "System Configuration". This will take you into the system configuration menu.

2. Choose a wireless zone. Choose the option "Wireless Zones" to be taken to the wireless zones menu. Scroll through the list of wireless zones on the left until you locate the wireless zone where you want to learn-in the sensor. Once you have located the zone, click on it to select that zone. Various options for the wireless zone will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

3. Enter learn mode. Choose the option for "Serial Number". Then click on the "learn" button. The system will say that it is listening. This indicates that the GC3 System is now in its learn mode. With the system in this mode, you can fault and restore a wireless sensor. The serial number will be displayed with options to Accept or Cancel. Choose Accept after verifying the serial number is correct.

Remember, once you have learned in a wireless sensor, you will still need to adjust its settings and configurations so that it functions properly. This includes setting its Device Type, Response Type and the Loop Number used with the sensor. Once you finish, press Return to System Configuration in the upper right. The wireless zones option will be highlighted in yellow to indicate changes have been made. Press the left arrow. A summary screen of changes made will be displayed. Verify the changes are correct, then press Save. Finally, return to the Home screen.

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