How Do I Register the Sim Card in a Lyric Gateway Cellular Communicator?

The Lyric Gateway's cellular communicator is a separately sold device that ships with a pre-installed sim from the factory. The sim that ships with the communicator must be used, and cannot be replaced with another sim. It can only be registered by a certified Honeywell AlarmNet dealer.

The sim card in a cellular communicator has a sim installed during manufacturing. The sim can be physically removed, but it will not work with any other sim. It's married to the device, and can't be programmed, interacted with, or registered by an end user. Therefore, only a Honeywell dealer can register the cellular communicator with the AlarmNet server. The cellular communicator is registered during the process of activating the system with a monitoring company.

If the user ends their monitoring with a company, and doesn't get monitoring for over 4 months, then the new monitoring company will need to activate the sim before registering the communicator for monitoring. This can be done with dealer level tools over the Internet that are not accessible to the end user. A cellular communicator should only be installed if the system is going to be monitored with cellular communication. If it is not being monitored with cellular communication, the system will continually display a communication trouble if the cellular communicator is installed.

The user has a few options for cellular communicators available for the Gateway. All of them provide the same function. The communicator that corresponds to the strongest cell signal in the area where the system is being installed should be used. The dealer will activate the sim and cover data charges. It does not matter which cell phone carrier you have for your cell phone.

Users choosing Verizon will want the Lyric-CDMA. There will be an LTE communicator released for Verizon in the near future. AT&T users will want to select the Lyric-3G or the Lyric-LTE-A. The LTE version is generally recommended, as it offers faster speeds and will not be phased out like the 2G network was. It is important to be aware of the firmware revision requirement before registering a radio. Your dealer can issue a firmware update via IP if you require updated software.

To install a cellular communicator in a Lyric Gateway:

  1. Power down the system. Unplug the system from the wall. Remove the set screw in the bottom of the unit. Remove the unit from its wall plate, and unplug the backup battery.
  2. Open the top of the unit. Grasp the rounded top plate of the Gateway and lift it up. This will reveal the Gateway's expansion bays. The cellular communicator installs into the system with the serial connection facing down. Make sure that the cellular communicator seats firmly into the system. Return the top plate to its position on the top of the Gateway.
  3. Power the system up. First, plug in the system's backup battery. Next, place the system on its backplate and install the set screw in the bottom of the unit. Lastly, plug in the system's transformer.
  4. Get activated for monitoring. The alarm company who has been selected to monitor the system can now set up the Gateway's account and get the sim registered. AlarmGrids does have no contract monitoring plans that support cellular communication with the Gateway.

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