How Do I Remove a Z-Wave Device from a 2GIG Edge?

You can remove a Z-Wave device from a 2GIG Edge by putting the Edge into its Remove Device Mode and then activating the exclusion function on the Z-Wave device. You should get a message stating that a device has been removed from the network. It can then be paired with a new network.

There is a fully functional Z-Wave Plus V2, also known as Z-Wave 700-Series, controller inside the 2GIG Edge. This allows you to pair Z-Wave devices with the system so that you can control them at the panel, plus remotely from if the system is monitored with access to the service enabled. Z-Wave devices can also be set up with smart scenes so that they activate automatically based upon a schedule or with predetermined security system events.

When you remove a Z-Wave device from the 2GIG Edge, it will no longer work with the system. Additionally, all of its Z-Wave network data will be wiped out so that it can be paired with a new network, or even with the same network as before. You can technically remove, or clear, nearly any Z-Wave device from the network even if it is not actively paired with a Z-Wave network at the time of removal. That is why you will almost always want to "remove" a device from the network before attempting to pair it with the network. Removing a Z-Wave device may also be a last-resort troubleshooting step if a device is not working properly. In some cases, you may remove a Z-Wave device if you no longer intend to use it with your automation network and/or you are planning to sell the device or give it away to someone else.

Complete the following steps to remove a Z-Wave device from a 2GIG Edge:

1. Access Remove Device Mode. You will want to first put the 2GIG Edge System into its mode for clearing Z-Wave devices. Remember, the device does not need to be paired with the 2GIG Edge, or any other Z-Wave network for that matter, to clear it from the network. Many brand-new Z-Wave devices have residual Z-Wave network data left over from the factory due to Quality Control testing. Therefore, you will almost always want to perform the removal process before attempting to pair the device with the network,

To put the Edge into its Z-Wave removal mode, begin from the main screen of the system. Click the settings icon (the gear) in the lower-right corner of the screen. Provide the Installer Code for the system (default 1561). Click the Smart Home Settings option on the right-hand side. Then select Remove Device. Then click the red Remove Device button in the center of the screen. This will put the 2GIG Edge into its Z-Wave exclusionary mode.

2. Remove the device. Now you will remove the device from the Z-Wave network. Remember, the device does not need to be actively paired with a network to do this. Just make sure it is powered on and within Z-Wave range of the Edge when doing this. All you need to do is activate the device's exclusion function. There may be a button on the device for this purpose, or you may need to input a specific command or code. Refer to the manual for the Z-Wave device for more information. On many Z-Wave devices, the same command for exclusion is also used for inclusion. In other words, that same button or input command that you use for removing the device from the network may also be used for adding it to a network. Regardless, the 2GIG Edge Panel should display a message stating that a Z-Wave device was removed from the network. From there, you should press the blue Done button on the right-hand side of the screen. Then press the green Done button in the lower-right to continue.

3. Return to home screen. If you want to then add the device to the 2GIG Edge, please refer to this FAQ. Otherwise, just press the house icon in the bottom-right corner to return to the home screen.

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