How Do I Remove a Z-Wave Device from a Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS?

You can remove a Z-Wave device from a Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS by accessing the Z-Wave Management Menu using the system's Installer or Master Code, entering Exclusion Mode, and activating the Exclusion function on the Z-Wave device. Doing this will wipe out all network data for the device.

Inside the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS is the Honeywell Home PROWIFIZW Module. This serves as the Z-Wave Plus automation controller for the PROA7PLUS System. It is usually advised that you clear a Z-Wave device from the network prior to adding it to the network, even if the device is brand-new and fresh from the factory. You will also do this if you have an existing device on the network that you no longer want to have paired with the system. Remember that Z-Wave devices paired with the PROA7PLUS can be controlled locally from the panel or remotely from Total Connect 2.0 if the system is monitored with a plan that includes access to the service for automation control.

Keep in mind that most Z-Wave devices can be excluded or cleared from a network even if they are not actively paired with a Z-Wave network, or if they are paired with a different Z-Wave network entirely. You will still get an indication that the device has been removed and that any residual network data has been wiped out.

If you want to clear a Z-Wave device from your PROA7PLUS System, then complete the following steps:

1. Access Z-Wave Management. Begin from the main screen of the PROA7PLUS. Select the three (3) horizontal bars at the bottom of the screen. Select Devices, followed by Z-Wave Management. You will be asked to confirm the code for the system. The Installer Code is 4112 by default, and we recommend keeping the code at the default setting to avoid getting locked out of programming later on. You can also use the Master Code to enter this section. The default Master Code is 1234, and we strongly recommend changing it from the default. You will enter the Z-Wave Management Menu upon providing a proper code.

2. Exclude the device. Choose the option for Exclusion Mode on the PROA7PLUS. This will put the system in an exclusion mode where it is looking for Z-Wave devices to clear from the network. A message to that effect will be displayed on the panel's screen. Then activate the exclusion function on the Z-Wave device. For many Z-Wave devices, the exclusion function is the same as its inclusion function. Some Z-Wave devices will have you enter this mode by pressing a specific button, while others may require you to enter in an exclusion code. Refer to the manual for the Z-Wave device for more information. You should get a notification on the PROA7PLUS stating that a device was cleared from the network. Press the Done button.

3. Confirm device exclusion. If the device was previously paired with the PROA7PLUS, then you can check the Enrolled Devices screen to confirm that it is no longer paired with the system. If the device is not listed, then it was successfully removed. You should also be able to now successfully enroll the device with the PROA7PLUS, or any other Z-Wave controller or hub. Clearing the device has wiped out its residual network data, so it can now pair with a new network successfully. You can then return to the Security screen by pressing the security status icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.

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