How Do I Replace the Batteries in My Schlage WIFI Lock?

To replace the batteries in the Schlage Encode WIFI Lock remove the decorative battery cover. Pull the battery tray straight up and out of the lock. Remove all four (4) existing batteries. Replace them with good quality AA Alkaline batteries. Reinsert the battery tray and replace the cover.

The Schlage BE489 comes in two (2) trims. The Schlage BE489 Century, and the Schlage BE489 Camelot. The differences between them are purely cosmetic. In addition to the trim options, there are also four (4) finishes to choose from, matte black, bronze, satin nickel, and chrome. Regardless of which of these models you may have, the process for changing the batteries is the same.

The expected battery life when using the recommended AA Alkaline batteries is approximately one (1) year. There are factors that may affect this slightly, such as frequency of use. Follow the steps below to change the batteries in the Schlage Encode Smart WIFI Lock:

  1. Remove the cover. The battery tray is hidden beneath a decorative cover. Slide this up and away from the lock, to reveal the battery tray.
  2. Remove the tray. The battery tray will lift straight up and can then be removed from the lock. Turn the tray over to access the batteries.
  3. Remove old batteries. Take out the old batteries. Do not replace only some of the four (4) batteries, be sure to change them all at once.
  4. Insert new batteries. Use only high-quality AA Alkaline batteries. Do not use lithium or any other type of rechargeable batteries! Be sure to observe proper polarity when inserting the new batteries. Once all four (4) new batteries have been inserted, be sure they are completely seated inside the tray.
  5. Replace tray and cover. Reinsert the tray into the lock. Note that the batteries will be toward the door when properly inserted. Finally, replace the decorative cover. Test the lock to be sure that it is working properly.

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