How Do I Reset a Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Sensor?

You can reset a Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Sensor by providing a disarm command at the panel twice. Doing this will clear the system alarm caused by the Honeywell 5853 and reset the sensor. You will need to enter your system's Master Code or a valid user code to provide a disarm command.

Honeywell 5853 wireless glass break detector exterior

The Honeywell 5853 is a wireless glass break detector that actively listens for glass breaking. It operates at 345 MHz, making it compatible with most Honeywell and 2GIG Systems. As a glass break sensor, its associated zone will normally be set with a Perimeter Response Type. This will have the system go into alarm if the sensor is activated while the system is Armed. If the sensor causes a system alarm, you must reset the sensor to clear the alarm.

Please note, you only need to "reset" a glass break sensor if it causes an alarm or a trouble condition on the system. A trouble condition can be caused by someone opening the tamper cover or a loss of RF supervision. You must fix the cause of the trouble condition before the trouble can be cleared. The sensor will usually only cause an alarm on the system if it detects the sound of breaking glass while the system is in an armed state. If the sensor detects the sound of breaking glass while the system is disarmed, then it will simply "fault". This fault will be automatically cleared after a brief moment, and there will be no need to reset the sensor.

if you need to reset a Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Sensor, complete the following steps:

1. Perform a disarm. Go to your panel. Perform the necessary steps to Disarm your panel. If you are using a Honeywell Lyric or LYNX Touch, press the Home button on the front, and then provide a valid code when prompted. If you are using a VISTA Panel, enter in the command [Valid Code] + [1] on the keypad.

2. Disarm again. Repeat Step 1, and provide a Disarm command a second time. This is necessary for clearing the alarm and resetting the sensor.

3. Confirm the reset. If there are no faulted sensors or other system trouble conditions, then the system should go into a "Ready to Arm" state. This indicates that the 5853 has been successfully reset. Please note that your system may not become "Ready to Arm" if you have faulted sensors that are not bypassed or if there is a trouble condition.

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