How Do I Set a Date and Time on the Lyric Gateway?

A user needs to contact their monitoring company to update the date & time on a Lyric Gateway.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest wireless panel released in the Lyric line. The system itself has no digital display - there are backlit number keys, function keys for announcing system conditions, arming and disarming the panel and panic buttons. Near the top of the unit there is an LED that illuminates over the panels state (Armed Away, Armed Stay, Disarmed) and an LED shield that changes color according to what state the panel is in. Because there is no programming interface built into the panel, zone and other system programming must be done by an alarm dealer through AlarmNet 360. This means some type of monitoring account is required for initial setup.

The Lyric Gateway does have a free app called MyHome Gateway, which is available for download in the iOS and Play stores. A user will need to have the smart device connected via WIFI to the same network as the Lyric Gateway in order to connect with this app. The app has a clean user interface that is very similar to that of the Lyric Controller.

On the MyHome Gateway app, the date and time will be displayed in the top left hand corner of the main screen after the system is activated with a monitoring company. If a user wants the time to be adjusted or changed, they will need to tell their monitoring company to update the time zone through AlarmNet360, as there is no way for a user to change this themselves.

There are multiple important settings that can be changed within the MyHome Gateway app. A user will need to use this app to connect the Gateway to a WIFI network. Instructions to do so can be seen here. System information, various testing functions, firmware updates and a soft reboot can be activated and/or viewed through the app. Also, new users can be added and deleted, the system event log can be viewed along with paired smart devices. Zones programmed into the system can be viewed and bypassed and a user can arm and disarm the system with the app.

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