How Do I Set My L5200 Or L7000 To Factory Defaults?

To set a Honeywell Lynx TouchL5200 or L7000 to factory defaults, users must first enter programming.

To enter programming, select the “Security” icon.

Select the “More” tab on the Security Screen.

Select the “Tools” icon.

Enter the installer code on the displayed keypad, Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4,1,1,2.

The Installer Tools menu screen will appear and select the “Program” button. “System Programming…” will be displayed.

On the L5200, the “Armed” and “Ready” LEDs will flash. On the L7000 the “Panic” button is lit and the “Home” button alternately flashes red and green.

Loading a Default Set: Select ‘Default Config’ and select the appropriate Default Configuration from the following options or Select Default Downloader to reset all subscriber account numbers and CSID in preparation for an initial download:

Default Config 1

Default Config 2

Default Config 3

Default Config 4

Default Downloader

Refer to the Programming Default Values section of the Lynx Touch L5200 / L7000 Programming Guide to view the default values.

To exit Programming Mode:

Press the return key to exit the current screen. The system returns to the previous screen.

Press the return key as required until system displays a Confirmation screen.

Always select “Yes” to allow the installer to re-enter Programming mode. Press the return key again OR press the Home button to return to the home screen.

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