How Do I Set Up a Pet Alley Lens On a PIR Motion?

You can set up a pet alley lens on a PIR motion by taking out the old lens and installing a new pet alley lens. You must first take off both the front cover and the support frame. You can then remove the old lens and apply the new one. Finish by reapplying the support frame and cover.

A pet alley lens works by not looking in the lower area where an animal would be detected. Instead, the lens will only look in the upper area where a person walking upright would be detected. This allows pets to walk freely in the room without triggering the sensor and causing a false alarm. However, a pet will still be able to set off an alarm if it is able to get up high enough within the detection path of the sensor. Therefore, it is very important that the motion is installed in an appropriate location.

Complete the following steps to set up a pet alley lens on a PIR motion:

1. Remove the cover and frame. First remove the front cover on the motion. There should be a way to gently release it and pull it off the device. Then remove the lens support frame from the device. This is usually done one corner at time, and there may be a locking tab. You may need a small flathead screwdriver to remove the frame.

2. Remove the old lens. Gently remove the old lens from the motion. You should be able to carefully take the lens out without damaging it.

3. Apply the pet alley lens. Install the pet alley lens in the place of the old lens. Make sure the lens is clean before attempting to install. The smooth side of the lens should be facing outward on the motion. The lens should be centered and orientated properly. See the instructions on your specific motion detector for more information.

4. Reapply the frame and cover. Put the support frame in its old location, and gently press on it to snap it into place. Each corner of the frame should be nice and secure. The locking tab should also be in its proper location if applicable. Finally, apply the front cover of the device. You should then perform a walk test on the motion to ensure that the lens was installed properly.

The image below shows the steps for changing the lens on a 5800PIR-COM:

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