How Do I Setup a Lyric Thermostat in My Total Connect Account?

You can setup a Lyric Thermostat in your Total Connect account by getting the thermostat online and connecting it with the Lyric App. From there, your Lyric App information can be synced with Total Connect. Finally, you will be able to connect the Thermostat with your Lyric Controller.

For more information on getting your Lyric Round Thermostat into Total Connect, please consult the Total Connect 2.0 Enrollment Guide. Complete the following steps to setup your Lyric Thermostat with Total Connect:

1. Sync your smartphone. You will use the Lyric App on your smartphone to get your Lyric Thermostat online. But before you can do this, you must sync your smartphone with your Lyric Thermostat. If you do not already have the Lyric App, download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and setup your Lyric account.

After you login to your Lyric account using the Lyric App, select Add Thermostat > Start Setup > Skip Installation > Start Configuration. This will allow you to start configuring your Lyric Thermostat.

On the Lyric Thermostat itself, press and hold the weather icon on the left side of the front of the device for at least 5 seconds. This will reset any WIFI configurations that have been previously made. Then tap the "Go" button on the thermostat, which is found just above the circle in the center of the device. After you have done this, select "Next" in the Lyric App.

You will then begin syncing your smartphone with the Lyric Thermostat. Using the Lyric App, select the network that is associated with the Lyric Thermostat. The network will be named "Lyric Stat XX", with XX being the last 2 digits of the thermostat's MAC ID. After making this selection, your smartphone will sync with your Lyric Thermostat.

2. Connect to WIFI. From there, choose the following options in the Lyric App: Next > Skip > Next > Next > Start Connecting. You will then be prompted to choose the WIFI network that will be used with the Lyric Thermostat. Select the WIFI network that you want to use in order to highlight it. Then select "Next". You will be asked to enter in the WIFI password. Enter in the password, and select "Done", followed by "Next". The thermostat will then attempt to connect to the WIFI network. It may take a few moments for this process to complete.

If the connection is successful, the Lyric App will walk you through the process of setting some basic configurations for the thermostat. Go through the process until you reach a button that says "Finish". Press that button to complete WIFI setup for your Lyric Thermostat.

3. Integrate into Total Connect. Login to your Total Connect account using a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection. Navigate to the "Automation" section, and choose the sub-menu option for that section. The sub-menu option is indicated by the 3 horizontal bars. Select the option for "Add WIFI Thermostat". Enter in the information for your Lyric Account that you used when controlling the Lyric App earlier. Click "Login". You will now have your Lyric account synced with Total Connect.

4. Sync your thermostat. Continuing from Total Connect, select the desired location for your thermostat. Assuming that this location is associated with your Total Connect account, it should be displayed on the screen. If your Lyric Thermostat was synced with your Lyric account successfully, the Lyric Thermostat you set up earlier should be displayed on the screen. Select it, and then click "Save". The thermostat will begin syncing with Total Connect. If successful, you will then be able to use Total Connect to control your Lyric Thermostat.

Note: The Lyric App is now called the Honeywell Home App. The process for using the Honeywell Home App is largely the same.

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