How Do I Setup POE on's ADC-V720?

You can setup POE on's ADC-V720 using one of two methods. The outdoor camera can either be powered directly from a POE network switch, or it can use a POE injector in conjunction with a non-POE network switch. The ADC-V720 is one of many cameras to offer support for POE.

The acronym POE stands for "power over ethernet". This feature allows an IP device, such as an IP security camera, to use one ethernet cable to receive both electrical power and internet connectivity. This eliminates the need for a separate cable that is used to strictly power the device. Several cameras compatible with can support this type of technology.

The ADC-V720 camera can use POE in one of two ways. If a POE-compatible network switch is being used, then an ethernet cable can simply be connected from the network switch to the camera. But if the network switch is not POE-compatible, then a POE injector must be used. This setup will consist of connecting an ethernet cable from the network switch to the POE injector, and then having a second ethernet cable connect the injector and the camera. Users should be aware that both the POE injector and the network switch will each need to use their own power supply. We recommend using the ADC-POE-INJ for this purpose.

After installing and activating a ADC-V720 Camera, end users will be able to make use of its outstanding features. The camera can record and play back video in impressive 720p HD. Since the ADC-V720 features a weather-resistant design, it is outstanding for outdoor use. By combining the ADC-V720 with the ADC SVR100 Stream Video Recorder, a user will be able to record and store up to 4TB worth of video. To do this, an active account with is required.

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