Can I switch Honeywell VISTA partitions using a keypad?

Most Honeywell VISTA panels (i.e. VISTA-20P) have 3 partitions. When your keypad is initially connected to the system and addressed it is assigned to a particular partition. Commands on the keypad will automatically go to that partition. However if you would like to control or view status on another partition you can! This is called the GO TO partition command. Simply enter the master code (default is 1234) followed by star (*) then the partition number. For example, 1234 + (*) + 2. This would jump a partition 1 keypad to partition 2. You will hear a beep to confirm that you are in partition 2 after the command. The keypad will remain on the newly assigned partition until it is directed otherwise or there is 30 seconds of keypad inactivity. In other words, the keypad automatically will revert to its assigned partition after 30 seconds of being idle without button presses.

After you jump to the other partition you can arm/disarm and view any troubles or faults on the keypad display. The Go To command is a great way to use a single keypad to control multiple partitions. However we always recommend having a discrete keypad for each programmed partition. This way if there is ever an alarm the keypad will be immediately accessible to disarm in the event of a false alarm.

Please Note: There are also multi-partition commands that will arm or disarm all the partitions at once.

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Great! Thank you Julia.
Global arming is possible through the Virtual Keypad, I just tested it successfully on a Vista-21iP. The GOTO Command is also supported.
Do you know if this can be done from the Total Connect app with the Virtual Keypad?

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