How Do I Take My Honeywell Wireless Keypad Off Sleep Mode?

To take a Honeywell 5828 or 5828V wireless keypad off sleep mode, press and hold the star key. Once the star key is pressed, the keypad sends a status request to the alarm panel. If the Honeywell 5828 keypads are powered by a K0991 AC Transformer (sold separately) they will not go to sleep.

If either the 5828 or 5828V keypad is powered by batteries only, it will go to “sleep” after 15 seconds if no buttons are pushed. The display and back light will also turn off. This is an effort to conserve the batteries. When the 5828 or 5828V is in sleep mode, it will be in sleep mode in panel status. It may take a few seconds for either keypads to display its awake status after the star key is pressed.

Connecting the AC Transformer to either keypad provides a constant display. Users can view its status without having to press the star key. Once the transformer is connected, the user can easily tell if it is asleep at a glance. They will also automatically update when there is a change of status like arm, disarm, or if any trouble occurs.

It is recommended for the user to install batteries in their keypad, even if an AC transformer is used. If AC power is lost for any reason, they will continue to operate on the batteries until power is restored.

The keypads have an RF transmitting range of 50 feet. A Honeywell 5800RP wireless receiver can be installed to increase the transmitting range another 50 feet.

While the K0991 AC Transformer can be purchased alone, users can also purchase the 5828DM (desk mount) which comes with it. This way, the keypad can be placed on either a counter, night stand, or end table. If the user chooses to place it on a desk mount, it can be easily moved from one room to another.

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