How do I test a 5819WHS to find the best setting?

The key to this question is “normal conditions". The 5819WHS is a special transmitter which has a built-in inertia style shock sensor, and the ability to process the rapid faults and restores which accompany this type of sensor.

Aside from setting the dip switches and the jumper properly, you must also be sure you mount the 5819WHS so that the embossed arrow on the shock sensor points straight up toward the ceiling. This means you can not mount the 5819WHS on a horizontal plane, it MUST be mounted vertically. If you need to adjust the shock sensor within the 5819WHS in order to align the arrow properly, gently press it about half-way out of the main transmitter, then turn it so that the arrow will point up once the unit is permanently mounted.

To find the “sweet spot" in sensitivity settings, a certain amount of personal preference comes into play. If you're more concerned about security, start out at the most sensitive setting, follow the instructions to put your system into Walk Test Mode (Code + 5 + 0 on the Vista-P Series panels) and choose a “normal" activity that has the most potential to cause this type of sensor to trip. If you have a really good surround sound system and you like to watch movies with the bass turned up, do that, or maybe instead of movies, it's music, or maybe both. Perform the normal activities you will do that have the greatest potential to cause enough vibration to trip this type of sensor. If, on the most sensitive setting, these zones are faulting (the fault will be accompanied by a chime sound while in Walk Test Mode) adjust down a notch, then test again. This is going to be a trial and error process. Keep adjusting and testing until your “normal" activity no longer causes the device to fault. For those who are more concerned about causing a false alarm, you will perform the same actions as above, but you will begin at the least sensitive setting, and work your way toward more sensitive. When you get to a point where your “normal activities" begin to trip the device, stop, go back to the previous setting, and test one more time. To exit Walk Test Mode on the Vista-P Series panel, enter your Code + Off.

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