How Do I Turn On the Backlight on a Honeywell 6150 Keypad?

The Honeywell 6150 keypad button's backlight is always on and cannot be adjusted. A button press of any key on the keypad will wake up the LCD backlight and keep it illuminated for about 30-40 seconds. The LCD screen normally has its backlight off until the keypad is interacted with.

There are two backlights on a 6150 keypad. The rubber keypad buttons have a backlight, and the LCD screen itself has a backlight. The backlight for the keypad is hardcoded to be always on and cannot be turned off. This is so the keypad can easily be located and interacted with at night and in low light conditions. The keypad is manufactured with a front flip down plate that covers all keypad buttons except for the 4 function keys on the left-hand side when in its upright position. The keypad button's backlight is dim. It’s only bright enough so that the keypad can be located in the dark.

The LCD screen also has a backlight. When the keypad is not being interacted with, the LCD screen’s backlight is normally off. When any button on the keypad is pressed, the backlight for the LCD screen will turn on, and stay on, for a period of 30-40 seconds. Any VISTA panel that has the polling loop feature can program the 6150 keypad so that it always has its LCD backlight illuminated.

The 6160 alphanumeric keypad has the same backlight settings for its LCD screen and keypad as the 6150. However, the user will find that the 6160's screen is easier to read in low light conditions, as the screen has two lines for displaying information. It displays zone information and trouble information in plain English, and has a larger LCD screen than the 6150. The keypad button layout and function are exactly the same for both keypads.

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As long as the system is being powered by it's transformer as well, then no it should not stop the backlight from coming back on.
Is that 'Low system battery' will prevent the LCD back light from coming on after pressing '*' key?

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