How Do I Update My Tuxedo Touch's Firmware?

You can update your Tuxedo Touch's firmware by downloading the firmware update files and then moving the update files to an SD card. Then insert the SD card into the Tuxedo Touch, and complete the necessary steps to apply the update. This will update the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch firmware.

Honeywell tuxedo touch wifi talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypadPlease note that depending upon the type of firmware update that is being applied, additional steps may be needed for certain features to go into effect. Make sure you know what is contained in the firmware update to know if additional steps are needed.

Please also be aware that you can only update the firmware on a WIFI version of the Tuxedo Touch. You cannot update the Firmware on non-WIFI model.

Complete the following steps to update the firmware for a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch:

NOTE: The SD Card used should be no larger than 8GB in size, and the only files on the card at the time of the update should be these firmware files.

1. Prepare the files. Start by downloading the necessary files. You can download the update here. Make sure you choose the appropriate download type for your computer.

Choose "Direct Download", and then select a directory where the file will be downloaded. This file will be saved as a ZIP file, and it will need to be unzipped before it can be installed. Insert the SD card to be used into an available slot on the computer. Once the ZIP file has been downloaded, you can choose to Unzip directly to the SD card, or you can unzip to another directory of your choosing and move the files to the SD card. Once the files are available on the card, you can then remove it from the computer.

The below listed files should be available on the root directory of the SD card when this step is completed:


2. Update the device. Insert the SD card into the Tuxedo Touch. Then use a paper clip to push the reset button and reset the device. The firmware update should begin automatically after the reset. It should take about one minute for the firmware update to complete. The picture below shows the locations for the SD card slot and the Tuxedo Touch reset button:

3. Enter the ECP Address. After the update, you may need to provide an ECP Address for the device. To do this, start by clicking Setup , then System Setup , then CS Setup , then enter in the installer code if requested, then ECP Setup. This will allow you to set the ECP Address.

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