How Do I Walk Test a 2GIG GC2?

You can Walk Test a 2GIG GC2 by accessing the Installer Toolbox and putting the system into its Walk Test mode. From there, activate various system sensors to make sure they are recognized by the panel. The system will display and announce any faulted zones. You can exit when finished.

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A Walk Test is a way to make sure that your system is working properly without causing any false alarms. No alarm reports will be sent out during a walk test, which allows you to test sensors freely. Additionally, the system will acknowledge any faulted zone so that you know when it has been activated. This is useful for making sure that all of the sensors are working properly.

Walk Tests are commonly performed with motion sensors. When using a motion sensor, you will definitely want to make sure that the device is mounted in a good location. Failure to do this can result in false alarms or the motion sensor not activating when there is an intruder. You can test motions during a Walk Test by simply walking around the room and checking when the motion responds. This is how the Walk Test got its name. Walk Tests are also often used with door and window contacts, glass break sensors and smoke detectors.

Note: You must place your system on test mode with the central station before performing a Walk Test. More information can be found here.

Complete the following steps to conduct a Walk Test on a 2GIG GC2 System:

1. Open Walk Test mode. Start from the main screen with the system disarmed. Press the 2GIG logo in the lower-right corner. Enter the Installer Code, which is 1561 by default. Then choose the "Walk Test" option. The system will enter its Walk Test mode.

2. Perform the Walk Test. Go around and fault any sensor you want to test. For motion sensors, simply walk around the room. You may also want to have your pets walk around to see if they set off the motion sensors. For door and window contacts, simply open and close the door. For glass break sensors, use a glass break simulator. For smoke detectors, either activate a test button or use canned smoke. The panel will display a green bar next to any zone that is faulted, and it will emit three (3) beeps as audible confirmation.

3. Exit the Walk Test. You can exit the Walk Test when finished. To this, press the OK button at the bottom. Then you can go through and complete a system test. You can press OK when finished, or just press the Cancel button to exit. Then press the Back button in the bottom-left corner to return to the main screen.

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