How Do I Walk Test a 2GIG GC3e?

You can Walk Test a 2GIG GC3e by putting the system into Walk Test mode and then activating every enrolled sensor one-by-one. The panel should recognize and acknowledge any faulted sensor during the test. Each faulted zone will be displayed on the screen and verbally announced by the panel.

2gig gc3e wireless encrypted alarm panel

Testing your sensors is something you will definitely want to do when setting up a new system or adding new devices. This is also something you should do periodically to make sure that everything is still working correctly. When a GC3e System is in its Walk Test mode, it knows not to send out any alarm signals. This will prevent a false alarm from occurring due to the testing process. The panel will also conveniently display any faulted zones and verbally announce the faulted zones. This way, you will know which zones have already been faulted.

You should test every programmed sensor during a complete walk test. It is particularly important to test your motion sensors. Mounting a motion sensor in a poor location could lead to false alarms, it could result in the device not detecting movement when someone is present. A test for a motion sensor is performed by simply walking around the room in the sensor's coverage area. This is how Walk Tests got their name. You might also test door/window contacts, glass breaks, and smoke detectors during a Walk Test.

Note: You must place your system on test mode with the central station before performing a Walk Test. More information can be found here.

Complete the following steps to perform a Walk Test on a 2GIG GC3e:

1. Enter Walk Test Menu. Begin from the main panel screen with the system disarmed. Click on the 2GIG logo in the upper-right corner. You must then provide the Installer Code for the system. Remember that this code is 1561 by default. You should then press the Walk Test button. You will enter the Walk Test Menu.

2. Perform the Sensors Test. A Walk Test on a GC3e System consists of two (2) parts. There is a Sensors Test and a Console Test. The Sensors Test allows you to test the operation of various sensors on the GC3e System. To begin this test, click the button labeled "Sensors Test". You will then need to fault any enrolled sensors to make sure they are communicating properly. Whenever you fault a sensor, the system should display the zone and verbally announce the Zone Descriptor.

To test a motion sensor, you should walk around its coverage are make sure sure the system responds. It is also a good idea to allow your pets to walk past the sensor. This will let you determine if pet immunity is functioning properly. To test a glass break sensor, use a glass break simulator. You can test a smoke detector using either a test button on the device or canned smoke. For any sensor that does not respond properly, you should adjust its positioning, check its programming settings, or replace the sensor. You can click the Checkmark button once you have finished.

3. Perform the Console Test. The Console Test on a 2GIG GC3e allow you to test basic system operation. The test is started by clicking on the Console Test button. A series of questions will then be presented. You should click on each one, and choose Yes or No accordingly. Once you have finished, press the Checkmark button to continue.

4. Exit the Walk Test. The Walk Test Menu should be exited after you have performed both tests. To exit, press the return arrow on the left side of the screen until you are taken back to the main menu.

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