How Do I Walk Test a SiXPIR?

You can Walk Test a SiXPIR by going to the Walk Test option in the Lyric System. This will have a red light on the motion sensor flash whenever it is activated. The panel will also announce that the sensor has been triggered. You can also activate a Walk Test using the flashlight method.

Honeywell sixpir lyric smart sensor motion

A Walk Test is used to check whether a motion sensor is actively detecting motion in its intended mounting area. This is a very important step for determining whether or not your motion sensor is responding properly. You need to make sure that your sensor activates when motion is present and that it won't cause any unwanted false alarms. You should perform a Walk Test whenever you mount a motion sensor in a new location. There are two ways to trigger Walk Test mode on a Honeywell SiXPIR. You can either access a System Walk Test through the Installer Tools Menu, or you can perform a manual Walk Test on the SiXPIR using the flashlight method.

Both Walk Test methods will cause a red LED light on the SiXPIR Motion Sensor to appear whenever the device detects motion. However, only the System Walk Test method will have the panel announce that the motion has been faulted. Additionally, you must put your system on test mode with the central monitoring station if you intend to perform a manual Walk Test using the flashlight method. Both Walk Test methods will have the sensor automatically exit mode after ten minutes have passed. After exiting Walk Test mode, the SiXPIR will go into a lock-out mode for the next three minutes to prevent the batteries from being drained. The sensor will not respond to any motion until the three minutes have passed.

If you want to do a manual Walk Test, you can do so using the flashlight method. This method is helpful in installations where the motion may be installed prior to the Lyric System itself. Start by standing four feet away from the SiXPIR Motion Sensor. Using a flashlight with a bright and narrow beam, move the light past the sensor three to five times. Hold the light on the sensor for one-half second each time it passes by. The sensor will produce a red LED light to indicate that it has entered its Walk Test Mode. You can then perform a Walk Test as described above by walking around the motion detector's coverage area. The sensor will provide an LED indication each time it detects motion. It will then automatically exit Walk Test mode after 10 minutes. To re-enter Walk Test Mode, use the flashlight method again. The process for manually activating a Walk Test using the flashlight method can be seen in the picture below:

However, the easier method is to initiate a Walk Test from the panel, and if the manual walk test has been performed, it is still recommended to complete the panel walk test prior to using the system. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Start the Walk Test. Go to your Lyric Control Panel. Start from the main screen with the system disarmed. Choose Security > Tools > Installer Code (default 4112) > Test > Walk Test. This will enter Walk Test mode. The system will indicate that it is in Walk Test mode, and will provide a single beep about once per minute as a reminder that Walk Test Mode is active.

2. Perform the Walk Test. Have your SiXPIR Motion mounted in its intended location. Whenever the motion sensor detects movement, it will flash a red LED light, and the panel will announce that it has been activated. Walk around the room and make sure it responds as it should. You should also check to make sure that it will not cause any false alarms. If you have any pets, you may want to bring them into the room and find out if they will be able to cause any false alarms. If the SiXPIR is not responding properly, you may need to adjust its positioning. Keep performing the Walk Test until you are satisfied with the results.

3. Exit the Walk Test. Go to your Lyric Panel. Press the home button, then provide your Installer or Master Code. This will exit the Walk Test. Remember that when the SiXPIR is not in Test Mode, it will never illuminate the red LED. Also, after each fault/transmission, the motion will go to sleep for three minutes. This is done to conserve battery life. After three minutes, the SiXPIR will wake up and be ready to activate and transmit again. Once it activates again, it goes back to sleep for three minutes. This is normal operation for a wireless motion, in which extending battery life is one of the primary concerns.

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