How Do You Add a 2GIG DW20R to the 2GIG GC3?

You can add a 2GIG DW20R to the 2GIG GC3 by accessing the wireless zones menu for the GC3 system, putting the system into learn mode and then faulting the sensor. Make sure to test the DW20R sensor after it has been learned-in to the 2GIG GC3 panel to ensure that it is working properly.

Complete the following steps to program a 2GIG DW20R recessed door and window contact into your 2GIG GC3 security system:

1. Access the wireless zones menu. From the home screen of the GC3, click the 2GIG Logo in the upper right > enter installer code (the default is 1561) > System Configuration > Wireless Zones. You will now be at the wireless zones menu of the GC3.

2. Choose a zone. Find the first available zone on the left side of the screen, and then click on it to highlight that zone. Then click on the "Edit Zone" button to enter the sub-menu for that zone.

3. Program the sensor. Make the following adjustments to the zone settings to successfully enroll the DW20R sensor with the GC3:

  • Choose a Sensor Type.This should be set according to the intended use of the zone. Common Sensor Types would be "01 Entry/Exit 1" "02 Entry/Exit 2", or "03 Perimeter" Once selected, press the down arrow to move to the next parameter, once each option has been programmed.
  • Choose an Equipment Code. This should be set to "0863 Recessed Door Contact".
  • Enter the Serial Number. The Serial Number can be automatically learned-in by first pressing the "Learn" button in the bottom right corner of the touch screen keypad on the panel. This will put the GC3 into learn mode. Then, fault the DW20R sensor to enroll it with the GC3. You can fault the sensor by simply separating its included magnet from the sensor. If successful, the serial number for the sensor will be displayed on the screen. Click "Accept" after you have verified the serial number.
  • Enter the Equipment Age. Equipment Age will not affect the function of the sensor. It can be set to "New" or "Existing". This is used more for inventory tracking.
  • Enter the loop number. Sensor Loop should be set to "Loop 1".
  • Enter Transmission Delay. Transmission delay tells the panel to wait a specified period of time once an alarm on this zone has been activated, before reporting it to the monitoring station. Alarm Grid recommends that transmission Delay be "Disabled".
  • Program Voice Descriptors. Voice Descriptor serves as a way to name the sensor and can be up to six words. Provide the zone with a desired name, such as "Front Door".
  • Enable Sensor Reports and Supervision. Sensor Reports tells the panel to report alarms from this zone to central station. Sensor Supervised, when enabled, tells the panel it should hear a check-in from this device at regular intervals, and if it does not, to display a trouble condition. We recommend both be set to "Enabled".
  • Enable Sensor Chime. Sensor Chime is optional. Enable this if you want a chime/voice descriptor, or both to activate when the sensor is triggered while the panel is disarmed.
  • Exit programming and save. Once you have finished adjusting all of the settings, select the "Return to System Configuration" button at the top of the screen. Press the back arrow on the left side of the screen, and then click "Save" to save your changes.

4. Install the sensor. Since the DW20R is a recessed sensor, a hole will need to be drilled into the door or window as well as the frame so that the sensor and its magnet can be inserted. The DW20R works best when installed within 100 feet of the GC3 system. For more information on installing the DW20R, see the device's installation guide.

5. Test the sensor. Arm your system, and then open your door or window to trigger the sensor. If the sensor was programmed and installed correctly, this will set off an alarm or begin entry delay. You can then disarm the system using any valid user code.

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