How do I program a Honeywell wireless motion detector?

When programming a Honeywell wireless motion detector, there are a few key things to remember.

First, is that the motion detector must be programmed to a zone number that supports wireless zones. With alarm control panels like the VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP, zones 09-48 can be used for wireless motion detectors. With wireless alarm control panels like the L3000 LYNX Plus or L5100 LYNX Touch, you can program your wireless motion detector to any of the non panic zones.

Second, your wireless motion detector should be programmed either as zone type Interior Follower (04) or Interior w/Delay (10). When a motion detector is programmed as Type 04 Interior Follower, it will activate as an instant alarm in all instances unless the intruder tripped an entry/exit zone before the motion detector zone. In which case, the wireless motion detector will "follow" the entry/exit zone and activate only after the entry delay times out. The Interior Follower zone type is good for motion detectors installed near alarm keypads as it prevents someone from hiding in your property before the system is armed and them disarming the system after you leave. When a wireless motion detector is programmed as Type 10 Interior w/Delay, it will always wait for the programmed entry delay to time out before activating. Both zone types are active when the alarm control panel is armed in away mode and inactive when armed in stay mode.

Also, make sure to set a report code for your wireless zone if your wireless security system is monitored by a central station and program your wireless motion detector as a RF (supervised RF) input type so that your alarm control panel will alert you if the motion detector is out of range of your wireless receiver.

Finally, input the wireless motion detector's serial number and program the correct loop number.

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Hi Pete, I see you emailed us at our support email. We will respond shortly.
I'm using a Vista 21IP w/6160RF keypad (2nd Floor) and two 5800RES-PIR located in a bedroom and dining rm (both 1st floor). 5800's are within the specified distance range of the 6160RF and I've done all the steps above. At sensor registration, I used the fault process and S/N's loaded correctly. When I power the sensors up and do the 10-minute walk test each 5800 performs correctly. But, when I do a xmit sniff test or go/no-go test I get poor results... at best. I've had to almost place my hand directly in front of each sensor to get it to fault. When I do finally get the sensor to fault, the tests pass but getting the fault is far too difficult. If it were only one sensor, I'd think bad sensor but with both acting similarly I'm not sure what to think. I feel I may be missing some detail of the set up or test. How can I get these sensor to reliably fault during test.
If you're monitored by us, feel free to email us at and we can attempt to see if your panel supports a configurable zone type that may be what you're looking for.
Unfortunately that's not going to work either. I would need the motion zones to respect night stay vs. Regular stay mode on my Vista 20p. From other googling I'm surprised to see what I believe is a consensus that this can't be done. Seems like a pretty basic requirement to me.
Hello, Yes my mistake. What you'll be looking for is the permiter option. This will have the motion trip the alarm instantly, even if a delay zone is tripped prior. However, this will cause the motion to be active on arm-stay and arm-away. If you're monitored by us we should be able to confirm your panel type and verify that this applies to you. Feel free to email us at
Hi Dylan. It's already set to Interior Follower. From what I read up on the word follower means it follows the lead of the entry delay zone so if that is tripped first the motion sensor won't set off the alarm until the entry delay is expired. I verified this with a test of my own. We need another solution unfortunately. Something that will make the motion sensor disregard the entry delay if an entry zone is tripped before the motion sensor it tripped.
You'll want to set that motion to "Interior Follower". This way the motion will only be active on 'Arm Away', but will trigger an alarm right away once tripped.
I want to configure the motion detector in the basement so it doesn't respect the entry delay if the entry zone was tripped first. Reason being is it is typical for intruder to break through door and try to disable panel before the entry delay expires. How can I get the motion sensor to ignore entry delay?

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